The Wish – Version 1.0.1 – Completed

It’s fall 2018 and a young man has traveled to college out of state. Unfortunately, the college is undertaking some much needed repairs to its dormitories which means some students have to lodge with local families. Luckily, for our young hero, he’s landed on his feet and has received a billet with a MILF who is harboring a secret of her own that may involve the protagonist…​


Saved games from versions earlier than 0.9 might not work. Use at your own risk.
The gallery will not activate until after you begin the last scene with Mrs Hunter. Once that has happened, a piece of code will trigger and unlock previous scenes. This does not apply to new games when the triggers will fire at the correct time.]
Game completion scenes.
New scenes in the mall (be careful!)
Repeatable scenes after game completed (four new animated h-scenes).
Final version.
Script source files supplied for third-party bug fixes.

17 thoughts on “The Wish – Version 1.0.1 – Completed

  1. searching around , coming to the lvingroom and an error accured and the program stopped. huge bug

  2. I’ve played several times, but can’t make any progress. The last attempt was using the script.rpa file. Played intro, found wanking photos, showered, slept, had breakfast w/ the landlady and got the wifi password. But from there, cannot log into laptop matriculate, and can’t progress beyond that point. This game appears to have a lot of potential, but IMO it needs a walkthrough.

  3. not my game having to type in the spells the broken english is really bad and the drawing is too much like a cartoon I know this a rough draft so Im not saying I wont try it again eventually but it needs alot of fine tuning IMO

  4. I been playing but can’t find keys or anything to get into Garage and Master bedroom And I blocked every way I possibly could please help me with this where are the keys where’s the crowbar there’s a tool Box in the basement but nothing happens when you click on it I don’t get it

  5. Keys are one in the garage forniture
    the other in the studio ( garage key is for the studio , then studio key is for the landlady room)
    Toenter the garage you must find the spike in the garden
    (right side of the dorway in the bush)

    1. Hey guys when I click on the magazine the game shows an error occurred message how to bypass that problem please help me

  6. Please help I need to progress with this game but I always get an error occurred message argh it’s so annoying every time I click on the mc’s bed then click on the magazine option it gives me error please help or has any one else come across of this problem????

  7. if you need to get in Garage,take a look at the bush by the house you live ,as for the keys,once you get into the garage,the tool box’s drawer has the answer,another key will be in the room has a computer,notice the drawer,it will always be there

  8. how do i get to merrick college? i already have the old car key

  9. The file size listed on this page: 1.11 GB
    The actual file size: 364.81 MB
    The game launched though. Just seems odd.

  10. I am stuck, have been invited to the cafe but when I get there I have no option to click on anything to sit, drink or talk to anyone. Al I get is the inside of the cafe and all the people but that’s it. I went back to an older version to see what is missing but I see nothing. I should be able to click on the arrow to the cafe and the next scene should automatically progress. Do you think I should reload the game? I’m into the game pretty deep already so as soon as you can answer would be great, please send me an email, it’s much quicker

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