Witch Trainer – Version 1.6f – Mod by sad Crab



* Fix : Translation.

* Fix : Small problem in the ending.


* New : New alternative “True”- ending.

* New : 4 new full-sized illustrations for sex scenes

* Update : After interecting with Phoenix for long enough you will no longer get a disappointing payoff, but rather something more interesting.

* Update : Player can now same the girl from the snake, so that the snake is also happy.

* Deleted : There is no longer an option for Protagonist to satisfy his lustful urges by himself, which rightfully suprised quite a lot of players.

* Deleted : Protagonist is no longer a hooded person, that due to the plot reasons calls him self a Jinn, when his actually a quite manaical person, that tries to seduce a school girl while dreaming of going back to the desert and fullfilling wishes of some other guy.

* Deleted : Deleted the somewhat rougish ending where good rogues, bandits and murderes rob, rape and kill bad rouges, bandits and murderes. AKA “Strong Girl”

* Deleted : No longer you have to put yourself through mountains of bureaucracy, that you already face in a real world. AKA reports for gold.

* Deleted : The operation to liberate alcohol and women’s underwear from headmaster’s personall vault was successful. No longer you have to go through the wardrobe to find stuff.

* Deleted : In a new version Protagonist will no longer go from all-powerfull headmaster of one of the best wizarding school to a spineless shell of a man when interacting with a certain person of specific bloodline that has questionable amount of authority.

* Deleted : Protagonist will no longer personally participate in reducing length of skirts and instead will be more focused on gameplay.

11 thoughts on “Witch Trainer – Version 1.6f – Mod by sad Crab

  1. Please help me. I am new at this and my english is mediocre at best, but better than my russian. When i open the game the first time is in russian by default, how do you change the language? Thank you.

  2. Update : After interecting with Phoenix for long enough you will no longer get a disappointing payoff, but rather something more interesting.
    What does mean long enough

    1. how long do you need to mess with bird, is it once daily or repeated per day… im still getting a sad face & hermione is all filled on her heart scales…

  3. There used to be a cheat options page and now I can not for the life of me find it anymore. How do you open it?

    1. If you go into the closet you will find an items option click that. Above ‘Never Mind’ there is ‘Help’ click that and there is cheats.

  4. is there a walkthrough for 1.6F (final version??) ? I am wondering what i missed & what im doing wrong, even though i have hermionie’s hearts filled & her PERVERSION is at 24 i cant raise her RELATIONSHIP up & keep it up, i get a 1 but it goes away no matter what i do… if anyone can send me a link for a walkthrough or let me know how to get her higher & able to do public act options… it would be welcomed

  5. How i find the book for unlock interecting with astoria i cant continue with her history. Sorry my english is bad

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