Lust Epidemic – Version 1.0 – Completed

In Lust Epidemic you play as Brad, a student of East State University as he finds himself stranded at rival college Saint Dame University during a hurricane that has unexpectedly struck your town.

While exploring the ancient and creepy campus grounds you’ll uncover many mysteries and secrets… as well as some sexy fun time with some amazing MILFS!​

Incest Patch:

to enable incest, swap out the ‘names’ txt doc in the WWW folder with the attached doc.

99 thoughts on “Lust Epidemic – Version 1.0 – Completed

          1. It doesn’t work, it opens inventory. Is there a way to save on android?

  1. When the newer version comes out, is there a chance just to dl the updated files and not the whole thing ??

  2. Please suggest more games like this one which is thrilling , suspense, involve incest plus Milfs…

  3. When I want to continue my save game in mobile I can’t and it shows always to start from new game

    Please tell me how to continue

  4. Why i cant continue from previous updates?! I need to play all again to see the new scenes, that’s nonsense!

  5. I got one wheel for dolly but another one in basement behind the laser how should I disable laser

    1. Can anyone please answer!? I can’t find the 10th radiator! & I’m missing a couple of Kharmasutra pages…

  6. how to disable the laser in the basement for the 2nd wheel on dolly?
    can’t use the code 3765

  7. I know where the Ballerina page is for kat, but I’ll trade it’s location with that who can provide me the code to her note

  8. The code of Kat’s mysterious note : 4312
    (“for” “thee” “one” “to”)

  9. How to disable laser in the basement to get access card

  10. The last few versions haven’t had the names patch. Are they not doing that anymore, or is it just missing?

  11. How can i open the old radiator, i will make it my 7th rad becuz the rad in the upper floor can’t be unlocked i think there’s a bug in there please fix it..

  12. I think there is some bugs in the game left after updates .I cant find and activate the last rediator all I could turn on was 6. any suggestions??

  13. i must be totally blind cuz i can’t find the first radiator in the north east i’m on newest update i’ve found the rest but can’t find the very first one lol

  14. I’m not able to switch on the radiator on the 1st floor every time i press the area of radiator, it doesn’t switch on. How could I do that ??

    1. radiator one is not on what to do for that

      me to all so face the same problem

      what to do for that in normal as wel as hard mode same problem

  15. Hey, when I try to get to one of the new areas with the update, I get an Error message “Failed to load: img/tilesets/5×2-B.png”
    Was this left out?

  16. Anyone know where I can find the key card for the Eastern tower, just after the squirrel stole the nuns cowl.

    1. You don´t have to start the game all over. Just extract the new version into it´s own folder, and then copy all those files, and paste into the older folder. Replace the files with the same name (when you are asked), and your saves from the older version will still be there. Start the new game and you can continue.

  17. Does anyone know how to click on the clue card on the priest desk I’m on the Android latest version? I clicked everywhere I could in the room and cannot get access to the clue card.

  18. The walking is clunky, the sprites for characters are weird, and the sex scenes are way too short (the protagonist is a two pump chump). The hints should honestly be always on in the UI in some way since navigation is such a pain.

  19. i need help with this

    if you ever forget the code, remember the year Jed was born

    im stuck there

  20. im stuck at 54% elizabeth will not move to her bedroom for me to continue story so i cant give her the lipstick hours wasted loved the game till it broke

  21. So.. I´m stuck here in the version 1.0 completed. The hint in crystal ball say I have to open red boxes with the box cutter. I have open all the boxes I could find, and killed 8 out of 8 roaches, but not yet found the second climbing shoe. I need 2 shoes, to be able to continue. The hint still say to open red boxes. I have been looking everywhere for a box that has not yet been opened. Does anyone know where to go?

  22. I’am stuck in the kitchen where Valerie will come but she is not coming there why? (17% completing the game)

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