Crossing Borders – Version 1.0

You play as the main character – a guy 25 years old, who returned home after studying at the University in another city.
This is a simple story in which the hero returns home, where 2 sisters and his mother are waiting for him.
You will have to remember again what the warmth of the family is. But there is a catch. Your mother divorced your father.
When you get home, you will find out that your new stepfather lives under the same roof with you. Is this good or bad? You decide.

2 thoughts on “Crossing Borders – Version 1.0

  1. The Save system isn’t the greatest. You can only save before going to bed, and then a new day starts. So if you want to try and test your paths, you have to restart the entire day over. Seems alright, but once I discovered this, I stopped playing. If I can save at a minimum of 3 times throughout the day vs having to redo an entire day, then I’ll go back to it. Others might not find this as a issue.

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