Nerd Adventure – Ep2 – Version 0.3

In Nerd Adventure, you play the role of a chemistry loving ‘nerd’, with your very own chemistry set, which you will use to make recipes that can be used to improve yourself, or your life as a whole ;). Your family consists of yourself, living with your single mother, and sister in a modern medium-sized house just outside of the city.

7 thoughts on “Nerd Adventure – Ep2 – Version 0.3

  1. This game have a map with 2D graphics, where you have to walk around clicking or using the keyboard and etc… i really dont like these kind of a games…its BORING.

    1. The card is hidden beneath the plant in the living room on the ground floor.

      But this release is bugged: You cannot save progres, nor alter preferences without crashing the game (PC)

  2. Well her purse are in the laundry basket. But no credit card in it?! No im stuck too. Stupid…

  3. Where can I find the last ingredient in the park so I can make Mike’s mixture. I cant find it 🙁

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