Download Porn Game The Keymaster – Version 0.2 & Incest Patch

The Keymaster – Version 0.2 & Incest Patch

Release date: 14 July 2021
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Ptypoe
Language: English
File size: 290 MB [Win/Mac]

It starts innocently enough; a busy weekend for you and your two sisters. Then one small incident opens up a new direction in your life. College could soon be put aside for a life of magic and adventure, travel and intrigue!! But wait, there’s more….Lots of fine companions to share your journey!​
· You have another week of the story, with around 40,000 more words and 500 new images. The MC starts to travel this week. New characters and new plot twists.

· You can progress your relationship with one or more of the female characters. There will be a chance to start focussing on one or two individuals by the end of V 0.2, and that focussing will continue into V0.3.

· I’ve also done some minor tweaking of the V 0.1 story, for example making it optional to view the sex scene with Derath. Sex is still integral to magic and the story, and main female characters still get equal sex-rights, but viewing them having sex with males other than the MC will be by choice. Some content notes have been added at the start of the game.

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