Water World – Version 0.17 & Incest Patch

A group of college teen girls is sailing to an underwater research facility along with their teachers when they rescue a helicopter crash survivor named Greg (a.k.a. the player). With no land in sight where they can drop him off, they have no choice but to keep him on board at least until they reach their destination….​


– 15 new animations
– over 100 new screens
– one new quest
– 5 existing repeatable events extended with new content
– bugfixes

Incest Patch:

Paste into /game.

10 thoughts on “Water World – Version 0.17 & Incest Patch

    1. There is no need for an incestpatch. Noone is related to each other apart from 2 girls, who are sisters.

  1. I can’t seem to do any thing other then “Take a nap”. What the hell?!

    1. I sure hope i’m wrong, but this looks like a 1gb pretty picures folder, with zero interaction, just scrolling trough them. So, unless i’m wrong, that’s one huge waste of time, although adding some more options besides take a nap might improve things, since the models appear nice.

      1. The first few days are mostly to push time forward, until more and more quests open up. This is a GREAT story, many many hours of playtime. When u see a “star” in some location, it means there is something to do, or someone to interact with. If you dont see any icons in the layout of the ship, you press double arrow to push time forward. At day 5-7 more of the quests have opened up. Enjoy this game, it´s really good. And nice graphics.

  2. This was awesome! I am working on a third play through now trying to find the different scenes I missed. I’m not usually a huge fan of these click through style games but this one was very well done and interesting to play. Can’t wait for the next installment!

  3. Hmmm… I believe there´s a bug in this latest version. I have played from day 60 to day 70, and there are no new “quests” opening up. In the one called “Open marriage”, it still says “Wow – Evelyn is so hot” The rest of the quests are still closed. I can´t get any further from here. Day after day is Play Liar´s Dice and to teach Julia. The file that was encrypted has been decrypted by the ships AI, but after that noone of the remaining quests have begun. One hour of just pushing time forward… I´ll wait for the next update. Still, it´s a great GAME, from beginning to this “stall”.

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