Download Porn Game Sugar Mom – Version 2.0

Sugar Mom – Version 2.0

Release date: 4 August 2019
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Zuleyka Games
Language: English
File size: 222 MB

It’s a story about naughty Mrs. Moore who hunts for the young, strong dicks, when her husband goes out to work. Amy Moore cannot deny herself small pleasures especially if a cute nerd is in sight. She intends to make sure that the shy boy can live up to her lewd expectations. That will be an epic fighting of the really Big Boobs VS the really Big Nerd.

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mrbungle says:

Boobs are way too big. It’s about shape and complement to the individual female form, not just big for the sake of being big. It just looks gross.

Qballycus says:

Missing Kernel.dll.

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