Star Maidens – CH 2 – Version 0.2


The name of our game is Star Maidens. It is a visual novel with a deep extensive storyline, well – developed characters and a role – play possibility. We put an emphasis on creating an interesting setting and a high – quality script. When working on the game, we were looking for the inspiration in some old-school iconic works: The X-Files, Star Wars, Lovecraft, Stephen King and others.
If you missed the interesting stories and look for some adventure – this game is just for you!

3 thoughts on “Star Maidens – CH 2 – Version 0.2

  1. well gonna wait a bit more looks like the images are good but still the story needs to be more be waiting at ver 10

  2. Way to give a description of what the game is about, without telling us what the game is about. I know that I, for one, am eager to just jump in, after such a thoughtful and informative description (Note, this post contains sarcasm. If you are allergic to sarcasm, please quit this post immediately.)

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