School, Love & Friends – Version 1.10

Experience the daily life of a high school student, forced to live with his aunt. Your choices will guide your adventure, some are irrelevant, others are permanent. They will influence your relationship with your family and your classmate. You could become their BFF, or even more… Maybe your different skills will help you achieve your goals. Good luck !

5 thoughts on “School, Love & Friends – Version 1.10

    1. The 1.4 incest patch locks the game on a blank screen after the Unity splash screen. If you install without the patch, the game runs. She just won’t be your sister.

  1. It would be nice if you could interact with everyone instead of the very, very, very, limited way it’s set up. How do you follow up on the back pain if you never get to talk? Good story line but…….

  2. Friend, could you share the files, to make the translation into Spanish. Thank you.

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