Rogue-Like: Evolution – Version 0.994c

Rogue-Like: Evolution – Version 0.994c
Rogue-Like: Evolution – Version 0.994c

Release: 3 June 2021
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Oni
Language: English
File size:  123 MB

This adult game takes place several years after the tv series ends, and features a new student to the school who is immune to other mutant powers (including Rogue’s, of course). My eventual plan for this is to have a fully formed dating sim with a full story mode…

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Tisaku says:

…So I’ve got ver 0.979e on my HD unzipped. It’s 97.5 megs. Did Oni manage to double the size of his game in a single iteration of bugfixing or are you pushing a shit file?

Anon183 says:

The new version has not only bug fixes but also new things involving Emma, such as the ability to date her and give her gifts, and the first appearance of X-23, Laura Kinney.

JG says:

I don’t know if its a bug but when i go to the danger room i meet x-23 for the first time over and over again

BandsawBox says:

This build appears to be very broken. Errors everywhere, girls stats go up when they are not even there. Girls will leave the room but scenes continue as if the girl is still there.

BandsawBox says:

990I. seems to have solved a lot (or all…have not had an issue yet) of the errors.

Anon says:

how do you get Kitty to do plan Kappa???

Sandy says:

the new version 0.994c is good it adds Storm into the mix and I like on sex scenes where you can turn around people in other position but wish the positions could be different and not just a background of the room make it like it was on top of the bed, floor of the room, shower standing position etc., with side view at least. I will try something about the phone sex but wish there is a way to make it a 3 way phone sex?

Sandy says:

Just forgot to add this wish the turn around during sex is applicable to all girls and wish as well that they got more diverse on the different sex positions for everyone.

Sandy says:

also a add a deadpool gwen i think i saw. it was a peek a boo character but still unknown details on it

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