Chemical Subservience – Version 0.2b + Walkthrough

The games follows a young student just before his first day at university. Innocent, he just arrived from his rural village. Without much money to start he accepts a place in an hormonal drug testing program set up by the university.

When he wakes up, he discovers with stupor that he suffered a sex-change.
He soons finds out he\’s not the only one in town it happened with.
He will thus try to recover his body, while continuing his daily life, the time that the serum will be produced (if it is).

4 thoughts on “Chemical Subservience – Version 0.2b + Walkthrough

  1. Fantastic game hooks, I hope you update and find new versions and new scenes, and be it soon

  2. Something wrong with this game. Keeps repeating the cleanup of table 6 in the bar where the guy molests the girl and it just keeps repeating. Is there something that should be done to fix this or am I missing something? I have tried both choices to politely slap his hand away and to do nothing. What is wrong here??

    1. Lark, I have the same problem yet. This nice game stucks at “Table 6”, nothing more can be done …

  3. I haven’t played too many games on here yet, but this is by far the best one. But there’s a bug after the big decision in the basement, I can’t get ‘take a shower’ to mark off as a quest. I don’t think the story line can complete without it. I saved when the game suggested so I tried a few times but nothing seems to work.

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