Research into Corruption – Version 0.6.5 Fixed

This is a Modded RPGMV Game to simulate a type of Visual Novel Exploration Corruption game.
Note : This is not your ordinary RPG Maker Game!
You need to corrupt the people around you to help you with your new line of work.


– Loop when in Effie’s home and you don’t have her key;
– Disappearing icons for the apps;
– Skipping animations no longer freezes the game.

– Black screen when getting Effie’s number and 1st message (controls are still there, try to click the ‘Go to Map’ button on the right hand side of the screen);
– Repeating of transition, this appears to be so much work that I won’t fix it because it’s only temporarily.

9 thoughts on “Research into Corruption – Version 0.6.5 Fixed

    1. is invisible
      you have to pass the mouse pointer under the left side of the screen

  1. Hey i’ve played for 4 hours and I can’t unlock anymore content fom Shannon. I got her naked but i’m not able to get any ERO scenes when she’s at 400 Same with the twin girls

  2. I’ve noticed that the only two scenes I can unlock with the twins is a panty Shot/naked shower scene. they just loop after that for every time slot.

  3. how do I unlock the scenes for each person I cant seem to get any of them

  4. This game is similar to Research into Affection but not as good or well done. In my opion anyway, not sure what that’s worth tho. 🙂

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