Peasant’s Quest – Version 2.05

It’s an Adult RPG game set in a medieval fantasy world, where you play a farmer’s son on his quest to make a name for himself, and perhaps rescue a few damsels in distress along the way.


New features/changes:

– 1 New character
– 2 new scenes (1 solo and 1 duo), one with animation
– Added an animation to a Rosy scene
– Added animations for Erevi’s daughter scenes in her bedroom
– 2 New map section
– 1 refurbished and one new floorplan (Merchant’s Inn)
– Added spirit potion points for Erevi and Victoria pregnant scenes (available once the can’t hav any more children)
– Added pastry support for Shakala and her daughter
– Added more potion drops in the Grumpkin caves
– Added new reactions for the familiar (she will now, hide from certain “enemies”)
– Added new voices/moaning for some animations (WIP).
– Minor fixes

6 thoughts on “Peasant’s Quest – Version 2.05

  1. Alright I spent most of the fucking night installing this GD game and I type in my name and get ready to play and wtf happens the POS game closes out on me before I even get to play Fix your shit whats the point of releasing a game if it cant even be played

  2. Nothing wrong with the game, All files work perfectly fine and all of the quests work.. Look forward to the next update and to see what Tinkerer has installed for us all..

  3. Having problems with 1.41 (using saves from 1.32). Beth Animation in stable locks nup. Alice with wedding dress animation locks up. Game freezes while looking for spider eggs. Oh, how to create axe to build house? Windows 7 pro.

  4. using 1,81. i go to the inn to rent a room. i can go to the room and sleep. at the morning the door is gone. is just a wall. so i guess it is a bug

  5. if you have rpg maker mv you can use EnigmaVBUnpacker to unpack the exe and modify the game to cheat.

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