Obidil – Version 0.15

You’ll play as a highschool boy that have to take your summer vacation in the countryside town that will lead you to meet many mysterious phenomenons that you’ll have to face and manage to surpass every obstacle through this direful summer vacation but how could you suppose to do?‚Äč


– Pattra Lewd scene mini-games
– fix some bug that appear in game.

One thought on “Obidil – Version 0.15

  1. Tried playing v0.13a after loading save file from previous version. When I launched the game using the “Continue” option, game says: Loading Error – “Failed to Load: img/characters/Character C0001.png” Tried the Retry option, but it also failed. So I checked the img file, and there is no such image (it’s not in the previous version, either). So I’m guessing there’s an error in the game code. I’ve experienced similar errors in other RPG games. IMO, RPG sucks!

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