The DeLuca Family – Version 0.06.5

Our protagonist is a guy like any other normal guy. Lives a peaceful and uncomplicated life. That uncomplicated life turns into a rather complicated one when he receives a letter from a mafioso, who tell our unfortunate protagonist that due to his parents past, he is now under a mafia contract. He is to serve for a mafia family, but not just any mafia family. The DeLuca family. One of the most dangerous and infamous criminal organization in the country.

Minimum 1-2+ hours of gameplay depending on your reading speed.

Changelog: v0.06.5

Events and special scenes
– One Isabel event (conclusion and end of her current arc)
– One minor flashback event. (Wilfred’s flashback)
– Added goodnight kiss for Isabel
– Added three Luna dream scenes
– Added one Isabel character info screen image

– Event log merged with Journal.
– Gallery with replay of all events
– Gallery with special renders
(Kudos to Mr.Qaywesdxc)
– Couple new music tracks
– The Promotion event now require the ‘The Contract’ to be done first

Bug fixes
– Spelling and grammar errors have been corrected
– Many minor bugfixes
– Old GUI tutorial images (arrows) changed with new images
– Bug: “If your rank is over 13, you get “Unknown rank”. You can also exp yourself to rank elite soldato, while in story you are still soldato.”
Fixed “Unknown rank” gone and you now must do the promotion event (from the mission board) to be able to level up.
– Story9 kill count bug fix (again, as last time kept adding to the kill count)
– ‘The Magic Touch’ bug (not triggering) has been fixed.
– bug fix section at laptop has been removed as the known bugs have been fixed

13 thoughts on “The DeLuca Family – Version 0.06.5

  1. hello;
    most the 3DCG on this site,are they compatible for MAC OS ? because they are great game.
    thanks of your reply.

  2. awsome game i hope this game will be updated a great story ,cool characters , i really like the mafia content , Verry god job for this game guys

  3. I’m doing Gracie’s “The Magic Touch” quest, but a new camera recording never seems to get added. Can anyone help?

    1. I am actually stuck at this point. The magic tough event won’t start. What can I do?

  4. program is starting nicely. but the german translation is so funny. i am only laughing at the moment. a computer translation sucks. maybe the creator should thoink on some natural translation.

  5. im stuck @ rank 4. i done the missions/free roam everything. i can’t get Soldato. i checked the events like ppl say & nothing. its either glitch or my choices that i picked were wrong? re-downloaded the game & nada. only option is to restart the game from the beginning huh :/

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