Girl House – Version 0.4

The main character in the new game will be a young guy in whose life will happen many interesting things.

3 thoughts on “Girl House – Version 0.4

  1. Me too. I get – an exception has occurred while loading
    Doesn’t seem to matter if I go for the screwdriver first or the clothes first, and even trying to ignore it doesn’t work

  2. You can rename the screwdriver from the ending .png into .pic, or place a copy withe the .pic ending into the ITEMS Folder. Sometimes it seems to have worked. In my case it didn’t. It just brings on a strange message box in the game, but the window won’t open. There is a MOD in a Forum which should work. Can*t say. I’m not a member. Maybe it appears here. Untill then it’s unplayable.

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