The Curse of Pleasure – Version 0.7 Final

Playing as a beautiful village girl who goes on a dangerous adventure to protect her little brother and people in the village.

With a pretty face and a sexy body, she’s always the target for perverted pranks, sexual harassment, bullying and even blackmail.

Will she be able to overcome the curse of pleasure to protect her little brother and everyone she cares about, or gets drowned in lust, corrupted and become another victim of the curse?​


New story chapter: Goblin’s Tribe (incomplete)
New feature: Recollection room (incomplete).
New feature: Lightings at night.
New outfits: Swimsuit and Male Blouse.
New reactions/unlockable events when you wear less.
Free-roaming mode throughout of this patch (America, fuck yeah!).
Re-drawn alot of assets (so many that I lost its track).
Optimized several scripts for better experience and performance.
Many new portrait poses for Yuuki.
Many new HCGs especially between Yuuki and Boo.
Many new character sprites.
Many new sound effects.
New NPCs (as always).
Sequels for several quests in the village.
Revamped alot of maps for a better look.
Dialogues/scenes minor edits from previous patches.
Fixed alot of bugs/mistakes from previous version.
Most likely compatible with savegame from previous version (0.6).
…And a billion minor things I can’t remember.

3 thoughts on “The Curse of Pleasure – Version 0.7 Final

  1. Its not working..says some files missing(not extraction ,something wrong with game)

  2. Can someone give me a guide or explain what I have to do to get the fourth nickname because I stay when I get the 3rd nickname “Hot Topic” Someone Help Me!

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