Colors of a New Dawn: The Beginning – Version 0.0.4p

It’s an RPG game and the story evolves around a young girl who lives in a small village with her family. The game uses a time system, more specifically 7 days in a week and 4 periods of time (Early Morning, Day, Evening, Night), which specifies and controls some time-dependent events.

Currently the game is lacking the quantity & quality of the renders that i wanted to use in total, but that’s only because I don’t have the resources & knowledge to create them. Should I gather the required amount of money for them, trust me, there will be more than plenty.​

Changelog v.0.0.4p:

Game advances up to 3 more game days (Saturday) and stops during breakfast.

Added Midday as a new time of day (now it goes Early Morning, Day, Midday, Evening, Night) and it’s when the new jobs can be done.


During Early morning and during weekdays, Alice can only go to the cleaning job (weekend will be added to the next version) .

During Midday and during weekdays, Alice can work on any of the currently implemented side jobs or explore around (exploration events will be on a future release).

During Evening, Alice can visit the kid for drawing (Patrick), go for a run (Sports outfit, under utilities tab) or just stay home (events for home will be added on a future release).

At Night, Alice for now can only sleep, using any of the Sleep outfits tab (events for the night will be added on a future release).

Added Wardrobe system


3 categories of outfits (Normal, Utility, Sleep).

During Early morning and during weekday, Alice can only wear Refuse Collector outfit because of her cleaning job (under utilities tab).

During Midday, Alice can wear any outfit of the Normal Outfits tab (I have added renders for the chat-box and the scenes for each and everyone of them) Get this for free at

During Evening, Alice can wear any outfit for exploration events (future release), Sport clothes for running, or any Sleep outfit for home activities (future release).

Added new NPC.

Added new jobs (for Midday), at the Library and at the old man.

Added the ability to obtain game currency through the jobs.

Added renders for few main NPC (Brother, Garry, Librarian, Old man, Hobo).

A tiny bit of H-content (finally!).

Replaced a couple of renders for when Alice takes a shower (more renders will be replaced and improved in the future).

New events with brother, homeless man, cleaning job, library job, old man job.

A couple of choices that affect Alice’s stats and actions.

Added Cosmetics at the Grocery store, where Alice can increase her Looks stat and will affect interactions with NPC in the future releases. More items will be added in future releases

Added a HUD, displaying the in-game day and date (Calendar must be bought from the Grocery Store).

Added a Load option in the menu.

A couple of “cosmetic” changes in the game world.

Few bug fixes.

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