Ambition – Version 0.3 & Incest Patch

As a young guy who just started college, you need to find your place in the big world. You must learn how to live with big changes in your life, and make decisions that will impact your future and your acquaintances’. You decide how you’re gonna treat the other characters and how they will perceive you. How far will your ambition take you?‚Äč


Today I bring you the 0.3 update of Ambition. This one brings more content to the main story as well as a lot of the side ones. I tried to fix most problems people reported on the previous versions, but I’m not done yet. The main thing is making all the available locations more useful and with more people. At least the home for now has a little bit more so it doesn’t feel so empty all the times. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this version and, as always, I wanna hear your feedback on what you think is good and bad about the game.

Incest Patch:

Extract patch inside folder ‘game’

3 thoughts on “Ambition – Version 0.3 & Incest Patch

  1. Once you get the job at the office, and Angie visits, there is nothing left to do? Is that the end of the game so far?

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