A Family Venture – Version 0.02b

Tony owes a huge amount of money to the Mafia, but when he ends up in prison, the responsibility of the debt falls to his only son, the mc, Ryan. Help Ryan develop his relationship with his mother and two sisters. With his father gone, there is nothing stopping the development of his Oedipal complex. And don’t forget the weekly payments to the mafia, because if they don’t receive their money, they will still take what they are owed in other ways.

6 thoughts on “A Family Venture – Version 0.02b

  1. Unless this fix on the 29th takes care of it, it’s not an incest game. The “family” picture on the wall states that none of the residents are related in any way, when you click on each person in the picture. The new source of income, at least for now, is the youngest girl and her friend posing for cosplay pictures for the MC, who posts them to a website (where the earn money for “likes” each week), and he can also sell the costumes they wear. The costumes are made by the older girl in the household.

  2. this version is bugged …l when you press the bag (inventory) the game crashes..also apart from buying new photo equ. is nothing new… no new events ……BTW Richmon thx for answer… but in my game it’s an incest game always been I think it’s somthing one has to do when game start press the yellow “!” maybe i mix up with another game but i can’t see a patch so…

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