Where it all began – Version 0.6 Full

Years have passed.. Things have changed..
After a surprising call from your twin sister, you decide to head home to see what the hell is going on.
And you certainly didn’t expect that.

18 thoughts on “Where it all began – Version 0.6 Full

  1. I’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

    While loading :
    File “game/script.rpy”, line 3827, in script
    scene ca37 with vpunch
    IOError: Couldn’t find file ‘ca37.jpg’.
    Anybody else has that error ?

    1. yeah same shit happened to me when you get to the coffee shop you miss everything really need to get this shit fixed

  2. “`
    I’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

    While running game code:
    ScriptError: could not find label ‘Scarletdinnerhome’.

    — Full Traceback ————————————————————

    Full traceback:
    File “script.rpyc”, line 10620, in script
    File “/data/user/0/org.wiab.the66/files/renpy/ast.py”, line 1674, in execute
    rv = renpy.game.script.lookup(target)
    File “/data/user/0/org.wiab.the66/files/renpy/script.py”, line 886, in lookup
    raise ScriptError(“could not find label ‘%s’.” % str(original))
    ScriptError: could not find label ‘Scarletdinnerhome’.

    This is what I get.

  3. whats that? only for premium member at file boom. thats fucked. just a try to make more money. i had all other versions before

  4. and another wonder. a new version now it works always but this version is not over 4 gb only 1,62 gb. very strange. is this something a normal guy has to understand. and no comment from anyone else?

  5. hello.
    It is the same problem when i juse File Boom here, as the ” Superpowered” that i get the message “This file is no longer available”
    Else you do a great work here.

  6. Del the game with file Bomb and the file is not working. 11 hours and nothing… It’s just a file very heavy.

  7. Where is the Patch.rpy file that was available for the previous version?

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