Warlock and Boobs – Version 0.333.2

Krowly always wanted to learn magic, hunt for monster girls, and most of all, get laid. Help guide Krowley in fulfilling his dreams!


Status menu now shows a lot more information, including active state effects for all party  members. I used a Ace Status Menu v1.02 by Yanfly with some changes to make it possible. It didn’t show state effects, so I had to write small additional kinda script by myself xD It is the first step to give Eric and other party members their own lust meter, so they would become a possible target for monstergirls’ lust attack.
By summoning succubus Meril and having sex with her you are getting some temporary bonuses.
Krowly now can play a tomb raider in the new dungeon in the Elven forest with secret reward (new useful item). It’s not a quest and totally optional.
The scene with Krowly sucking futa elf’s dick is now animated. Should be working both in the forest and in the Spa.
New pictures:  

  • Astra anal +variants (visit her at the morning when she is naked. requires 50 relationship points)
  • Busty elf titfuck +7 variants
  • Additional variants for Sister Elizabeth anal scene
  • Additional variants for the scene with Krowly loosing to Futa elf

Updated pictures:

  • Carla’s back side
  • Sister Elizabeth anal scene

New scenes:

  • Astra’s anal scene
  • Busty elf’s titfuck scene with lactation option

Updated scenes:

  • Sister Elizabeth anal scene –  bukakke option and improved dialogues (by Kalas)

Small things:
A book with some lore info in Krowly’s house. I wanted to add more lore information in this update, but it’s hard.
A few more lines for Diana and Conlan
Slimes battle and spawn tweaks
Lamias battle tweaks (new moves)
Fairies are smaller now
Strong health potions heal poison now.
Fixed bugs:
Reducto potion should be working now

One thought on “Warlock and Boobs – Version 0.333.2

  1. You can´t open the door in the elven dungeon, the vase or urn(?) in the right room is exactly at the position you need to stand to push the rock. :/

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