Under House Arrest – Version 0.6R

It happened almost 4 years ago. A tragic and murderous night that changed your life forever. As you were still a minor, you were taken away and placed into an institution to assess your mental health. Almost 4 years later, you finally get to return home. But you still question what REALLY happened that night. Your memories are foggy, the people around you appear mysterious and deceptive about their own recollection of events. What truly happened that night? Find out while you also romance the people closest to you.


– Added new screens for more reactions/context
– Changed the character Dr. Alisa Beauchamp
– Redid animations
– Added relationship manager
– Fixed spelling mistakes/points bugs

3 thoughts on “Under House Arrest – Version 0.6R

  1. Is there anyone that can help with a with a new walkthrough for 0.5.5R

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