Timestamps, Unconditional Love – Version 1.0 PE P1

You’re a college student who’s lustful desires have caused you to make horrible mistakes. Your life is a mess and it doesn’t seem worth living… But lucky for you your best friend has found a way to manipulate time… You have the chance to go back and fix some of your mistakes…. Will you correct the things in the past to make your life better or will you make it worse. You can make new decisions follow new paths try to get everything you desire or you just might continue to fuck things up… The only good thing is time is on your side. There are so many paths to follow…
Will you help them make the good choices?​

Incest Patch:

Place zip file in Unconditional Love_Data_Data\StreamingAssets folder
Those who ask about extracting the zip file will have their posts deleted.

51 thoughts on “Timestamps, Unconditional Love – Version 1.0 PE P1

    1. EXTRACT and Copy the file to Timestamps_Data folder of your game folder.

          1. I re-downloaded the file and attempted to extract the unrated zip using 7-zip. The file left is just titled unrated. When attempting to extract again a password box shows up. After entering a random password or not entering anything it creates a folder titled dialogues. but does not extract the necessary files. Not sure what the issue is.

          2. I get a password request also when attempting to extract patch using winzip

          3. The file is called unrated.zip, do not rename, do not open it, just copy it as is.

  1. Yo. It got stuck on the scene with the Narrator was writing ”You sure it’s in your gut,kid?”.
    Can any one help me?

  2. The blonde milf is kind of ugly, the neighbor that lives with that fat dude is more atractive.,, to tell the truth, any other female in the gamer is better than her.

  3. I am having the same problem as SOS. There is a password required for the “unrated” patch??? Anyone know what it is!?

  4. The patch for version 0.4.1 was in the form of a file called unrated.zip which required the following:
    1. deletion of the .zip extension
    2. copy the resulted unrated file into the StreamingAssetts folder “as is”

    Doing the same for version 0.4.2 does not work.

  5. how it work in win10??? install or there is a program for it to run the gem…thx in advance

  6. Am I going to have to start looking in the non-incest games FOR incest games? A lot of games marked as non-incest have incest in them like wth.

  7. If anyone’s having trouble with Version 0.5.1s Incest Patch go to Timestamps_051_PE_P1\Unconditional Love_Data\Languages place the English_Unated.zip delete the English.zip rename the English_Unated.zip to English.zip. It’s the only way I got it working.

    1. THANK YOU!! Jesus Christ, the time spent trying to figure this out, and I finally the hero i needed comes to save the day. Legend.

  8. maybe instead of having to install a patch perhaps you just set it up like you would putting in the mc name but instead you get to decide your relationship to “mom&sis”

  9. Seems that one file is corrupted and does not extract from the archive:
    Unconditional Love_Data\StreamingAssets\Storage.vngine

    Anyone having that file?

  10. *****spoilers*** when you wake up from the coma why does the mc say that he broke up with your girlfriend because I didn’t break up with her

  11. To use ince.st patch, u should rename it to English.zip and place it in unconditional love data\languages and replace it with original one, it works all perfect

  12. How can i download the app i already have the zip files but i dont have the app can anyone teach me where to download the app???

  13. Hi guys every time any video start it will freeze douzen of time so i need to close and restart the game can anyone help me to solve this issue

  14. new version. the hero path doesnt work at all. i tried all different choices and i only get the wimp part out there. also we we stopped him twice. so there must be a bug

  15. new version. i got back in time did show my cock went to mr jones and then back to the bathroom and the game frozes. big bug. work on that. i cant continue at all

  16. This game is bullshit! I chose the hero path with bacon’s mother! But when she calls the mother the next day it always choose the wimp path! WTF!?! What’s the point in releasing a game full of bugs!

  17. also have a problem with freezing the game in scene gaz in the park?

    1. If you’re freezing in the park, press the ‘M’ key to bring up the map, visit the ‘Beach’ and then go ‘Home’.

  18. i have a problem with the scene to send molly the photos from first photo shoot. i do the edit at pc and send the mail, then go to molly but every time she ask for photos and i can only go back. i am stuck now. pls work on it. or has someone a solution?

  19. No longer a 32bit version? Damn, and i was really looking forward for the rest of this great game. Adios…

      1. False hope, unfortunately. Although they have listed both the 64bit and the 32bit versions, the 32bit releases the same information that “This is not a 32bit compatible application”.
        Looks like that cold one will have to wait. 😉

  20. Don’t waste time with the game right now. Wait for another 3 to 4 months for a decent amount of new content. Game says “to be continued” after Nika gets kidnapped. Same exact place as the last “update”. Dev is just stringing people along.

  21. After the scene where Nick and Monica had some fun, after the hospital. My task list is empty. Cant do nothing. Is a bug, right?

  22. Hi
    1.There is no incest zip file, there is no zip file
    2. when I start the game exe, I get the message “can not establish screen resolution xxx dx11 reports the same” and the system hangs (win10-64bit i7 quad ssd 8gb lenovo t520)

  23. No more updates for this game??? Last update is near 3 month back, is it abandonnet???

  24. Anyone have any idea how to stop black and white screens at the start and how to continue from the blah blah lab dialogue?

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