The Web We Weave – Version 0.6.5

You are playing as Billy Connor, a guy who lives in bible thumper town, Chastity Spring. You plan to take your relationship with your long time girlfriend to next step. Meanwhile, the force of darkness begin their move again to corrupt the town and it’s inhabitant. Unfortunately, you, your family,and your girlfriend entangled with the messy fight of supremacy between Light and Darkness. What’s actually the secret of the town? Does you will able to save the day and marry your sweet girlfriend or does you lost everything in this fight? The Web We Weave will take two point of view across the story. The first point of view is you, Billy Connor,and what happen surrounding you as the main story of this visual novel. The second point of view is side story that will unravel the fight between light and darkness, and how the darkness corrupt the town that in the end will eventually cross with the main story.​


1. There no change in previous roadmap plan, ver 0.7 will contain continuation of the built up of Office content, little sister content and implement it to the other route that doesn’t have the office and little sister content yet

2. As said in the ver 0.6.5 release note: I’m actually torn between using ‘different but similar’ approach for the route(which here mean regardless of path,there similar information and linearity in the stories the player received) and the ‘entirely different’ approach ( which mean the stories can be entirely different between the route)

3. There pros and cons for both approach, you know, the critiques I often get is: 1. The choice often doesn’t make differences, and 2. There too many happening in the stories at the same times. The former approach will get criticized as number 1, and the latter approach will get criticized as number 2.

3 thoughts on “The Web We Weave – Version 0.6.5

  1. so many games pretend to be incest l wonder’s not illegal in fiction so if it’s more popular just make them

  2. Because the site that hosts the game developers (Patreon) is based in the Fundamentalist Religious Fanatical States of America, they have banned all incest games. Therefore the Devs must use innuendo and/or sneakiness to keep their game alive on the site.

  3. Jung
    it is the religious fanatics’ that commit more incest than any other group.

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