Summoner’s Legacy – Version 1.0 Elite – Completed

You’re the descendant of the infamous occultist Aleister Crowley, and coincidentally you also have a fetish for the occult. So when you came across an old bookstore that claimed to have a book that was reportedly given to Aleister Crowley by a powerful demon lord. With that kind of backstory you could not help but bring the book home with you and peruse it’s contents in the security of your own bedroom. While reading one of the spells, (Which as a side note: was so easy it almost made you think the whole book was bullshit.), you didn’t even realize that you were no longer alone in the room. What started out as a morbid curiosity will end in an erotic encounter that will leave you irrevocably changed forever.

7 thoughts on “Summoner’s Legacy – Version 1.0 Elite – Completed

  1. no other porn games site has this game. I see its only a demo as well. where can the full version be purchased with support?

    1. sorry, meant to add that I’ve looked and can only find sites that host images from this game, but no game.

  2. I know the former game versions. The PC Course is not coming and the Dream sequences are not coming too because I do not have the book to study… Why all These changes, can someone help?

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