Secret Summer – Version 1.0a

Since young, Avery and Dawson have been separated due to their parents’ divorce. On Dawson’s side, there’s the 18-year-old tomboy Autumn who wants to prove herself as the freshman on her college cross country team. The 36-year-old Norah who wants to take care of everyone, even if that means neglecting herself. And there’s the 31-year-old Camille who is usually the life of the party, though she may have problems of her own.

On Avery’s side, there’s the very serious 23-year-old Zoe who’s been aiming to be a top lawyer since she could talk – and argue. The complete opposite of her would be 19-year-old Kelsey who decided to take a year off after graduating… Though that year soon turned into two. And then there’s the 37-year-old high maintenance and bourgeois Irene that everyone tries to stay clear off, or you risk running her wrath.

One summer, the twin boys decide to switch places to reunite with the women on the opposite side. What could go wrong?

For the gameplay, you take control of either one of the guys to get a unique perspective on both sides. You’ll also be able to make choices that alter the story to your liking.

One thought on “Secret Summer – Version 1.0a

  1. just gonna say this as a warning to others version 1.0 is a demo. it doesn’t even finish a full chapter’s worth of content and isn’t worth a download (yet).

    that said it does look promising.

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