Patronus – Version 3.2.7r5
Patronus – Version 3.2.7r5

Release date: 2 December 2020
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: DVE Games
Language: English
File size: 2.2 GB

From the Dev Team: Welcome to Patronus! Patronus is a slave training game set in ancient Rome. It’s a straight historical setting without fantasy elements. This is an Alpha version release. We know that there are bugs, problems, explosions, fiery loss of boner issues, etc. Don’t Panic! Better releases are on their way.

added & amended hints to numerous quests
added wearable dresses into game for girls
fixed bug w/ taboos & added different stances depending on nudity taboo
modified rumor behavior in baths
remade and organized alerts screen
added Inka Handjob
fixed Ionus behavior post-Fasti Quest
fixed bug in gens screen with Marcus debt
added “sleepable” icons at areas you can sleep in for each region
fixed resolution/quality of some sex act scenes
fixed a bug with the initial tutorial quest
fixed a bug related to sex act taboos and text rendering during ask screens
modified logic of Charis Incest Quest
updated some scenes during Charis Incest Quest
fixed various bugs in court, including displays and an outlier crash
added resource development & trading
added ability to spend time with Charis + Charis “couch scene”
fixed interest payments & added debt management
fixed bug with slave training
added all new regions + marketplaces within each region
redid merchant functionality, added merchant categories, expanded trade functionalities
added additional alerts throughout game and to some quests for additional clarity
added a “training indicator” to Alfidia for once Valeria has started to train her
modified some UI sounds
expanded Zenobarbus behavior
fixed a bug with dialogue & training progression for some acts, including buttjob and vaginal sex
added cheat menu ; can now be enabled through options
added additional functionality for Ionus; girls no longer need grooming if he is in brothel
fixed sprites rendering incorrectly and/or overlapping in multiple areas of the game
modified behavior for Alfidia management
modified/fix travel behavior when sleeping at inn
added Maeve handjob
fixed some issues with skill progress
fixed issue with Alfidia overbuying and bordello resource management
added moans to spank scenes
added additional clothing & dress options, and redid how “dolls” work for each character across scenes
added “hiring” functionality, currently used for construction quests
added entirety of Inka Loyalty Quest 1, including new locations + characters
added Bordello Upgrade Quests
added Asculum Villa Upgrade Quests
fixed a problem in bordello related to customer happiness & satisfaction
fixed UI for shipping, now contains a scroll for shipped items
added sounds to some sex scenes

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