My Dream Girl – Version 0.14

Max, A teacher by profession decides to propose to the woman of his dreams, while on a picnic to a remote abandoned castle. But a beautiful woman greats him in the castle to his surprise and what else awaits him is for you all to find out.​


An intro has been added.
– Added Animation to some scenes
– Added new progression with multiple branches (choices).
– Addend more BG music and Effect, so more soundtrack to listen to.
– Previous Images Reworked.
– AVOIDABLE NTR scene is added.
This update has progression on the main story along with the backstory for the MC in the form of an introduction. AVOIDABLE NTR scene is added, so be sure to choose accordingly. Similar choices are in the same color, have not changed that. The Gallery is slightly different now.

One thought on “My Dream Girl – Version 0.14

  1. Version 0.1 Not enough there to see if it’s going to be any good or not. Takes maybe 2 minutes to go through it. Give it a few updates before trying.

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