Milfy City – Version 0.6e & Incest Patch

A young student finds himself in the school therapist office, after a humiliating moment with another teacher at school. While plotting his revenge, he’ll romance other characters at the school and at home.​


– Added 13 new animations with Caroline (Doggy/Cowgirl)
– Added one missing scene at night with Celia with animations
– Fixed a few bugs and typos
– Fixed secret cards (2 new ones with Sara)

343 thoughts on “Milfy City – Version 0.6e & Incest Patch

  1. Hello, again i experience on Fileboom an issue, that it says that: Public access to this folder is denied!
    I´m a Premium Member there, what is it, what i must do to get this ??

      1. Hello, thx for fast response
        and yes, now i can download it, thx for that, what ever u have done 🙂

        1. Hello! I have the android version of this game and whenever I save the match, the game crashes. How can I solve this problem?

          1. If this happens again, simply go to the Automatically Save tab and your game will be saved recently. This problem happens because the game is heavy and needs a good phone.

    1. buy the cheap on from store and change it for the one which has Sara in her room

    2. game control is in the shop. you can buy it.
      and go to her room when she’s
      not around. change the controller.

      1. yeah after I unzipped parts 1 and 2 and clicked on the application/exe file it just won’t open….I just extracted both parts 1 and 2 to the same folder – should i do something different or move anything around?

        1. Has anyone figured out how to extract and play this? I am having the same issue as flimflamdipdap.
          Pls help.

  2. why is the download so slow? i have 5mbps but only downloading 40-50kbps. When i download in other sites may download is 1mbps. Anyone know how to fix this? 🙁 thanks

      1. How can you tell the percent of the download and on mobile are the scenes animated?

    1. There are two little cabinets in front of his window. You can find the combination in the left drawer. You have to pick it up and select it in inventory before clicking on the safe.

        1. I have downloaded 2.1 gb version, what’s the difference with this version?

        2. Which company name do you try to get?
          First one should be on his table in one of the folders.
          Second one should be in the save and the code was in the left drawer for me. Maybe testing the right drawer?
          Third you have to get from your dad in person if I am correct.

      1. follow Zuri’s quest step by step to find the company’s father’s name
        1. the first name is in the report book on the father’s desk
        2. the second name is in safe, before that you have to find the safe code that there is a left drawer on the cabinet that is in front of the window
        3. last name, you have to ask directly to dad

        step by step must be completed in order

      1. That’s what I did, but it doesn’t have any effect at all. They all stay “friends”. But: Very nice game!

  3. Does anyone know how to trigger the second moms weekend event or is it work in progress?

        1. If i remember correctly you need to buy a bottle of wine. There must be a rack or something in the store where you can click on and buy it.

          1. Go to the shop. Instead of the shelf with the camera look beside it. A smaller shelf with what looks like medicine there’s both red and white wine.

  4. I downloaded the game but I can not start how to get started help the game…

      1. indirdiğim dosyanın içinde exe dosyası yok sadece sadece app dosyası var başka bişey yok exe yok..

        1. There is no exe file in the downloaded file only just the app file exists nothing else exe

          1. Your Anti Virus might see the exe file as false positive, so i suggest you to turn off you AV

  5. why when I try to run there is a problem on celia web cam evening scene open mouth, tounge and fingers??

    1. I use android game to all part but how to show bobs office, Linda in weekend, zuri all part so please help ?

  6. I downloaded the game and extracted the rar files and now I’m trying to extract the zip file but how can I do it and what do I do after that?

    1. Just extract it like every other rar, dont use an outdated rar just use 7zip.

      1. I did it like you said but the file still need to be opened by 7zip and it says the file is “crunched” but I don’t really know what that means

  7. I did it like you said but the file still need to be opened by 7zip and it says the file is “crunched” but I don’t really know what that means

  8. Same problem here. I got stuck with mom using computer in the morning. when i go to office no work to be done. She say she was busy at work. then i bought the wine in the shop but when weekend comes the event is still lock. PLEASE HELP 🙁

  9. Как попасть к папе на работу?И почему у меня нельзя нажать mom weekend???

  10. I completed relation of first 4ladies
    What i do know?
    how to unlock neighbour house, aunt home,cellia’s home?

    Help me guys!

  11. I putted the “patch.rpy” file into the “/game” folder and it still not working. help please

  12. cant wait for the development of the game to finish, this is a better game compared to other in the same genre.

  13. I used android version but didnot playing bobs office, Linda in weekend,zuri all part so please help how long time I try it to resolve but ????? So please any one have use android version game ??????so help me

  14. What to do when there is work in progress in neighbours location and celias house?

  15. how do i release the weekends sot hat i can go to the event with Sara or with mom.

  16. I has already dowloaded 0.2 ver. In order to get 0.3b vers, is there any ways to get except dowload that 2.2 gb file again?

  17. Something new on this Version 0.3b? I played and dont found anything new…
    Someone found new paths or some new development with mom and daughters?

    sorry for my english

  18. Okay I’ve got the white wine and I don’t know what to do with it? I used the red wine on Linda. I’ve gotten all three company name’s 4 zuri. Did Linda’s weekend evant using up the red wine. Celia is still not progressive stuck in the teacher room. According to my in game phone all other relationships are at 3/5. Any idea about what to do?

  19. The update v.0.3b is it only to make relationship 3/5 for sara?
    How about other new characters?

  20. I’ve got the vibrator but when I try to talk with the chick as school it keeps telling me you don’t have the vibrator. Otherwise great game so far.

  21. How do I change location (school, mom’s work place, etc). I tried the map, but it is not working.

  22. how to get relationship 4 with linda and caro? and relationship 3 with sara? and relationship 2 with the teacher?

  23. When the next update will come??
    I’m eagerly waiting…….

  24. How to trigger sara event and i’ve already done with caroline last event she talk to me on night and then caroline invite me to her room, mom event when dad trip weekend ,carol progress ,neighbor progress, Zuri company name and progress ,Judy progress and fuck scene only carol in toilet is there something I miss? please someone let me know or the game new progress up there then? Thanks sorry for my english

  25. I think u have to w8 for next uppdate. i m done with every quest and waiting.

  26. Hello, where to get the incest patch???

    Where can I create that fake web account for blackmailing Celia?

    Where can I buy a camera for Caroline?

  27. Again, problems… I did everything i could so far on my own, but now i am stuck again. the walkthrough said you have to work for Linda til she invites you to the restaurant, check, that happened, get the oral scene with Linda at night, checked, it happened, that would unlock bobs office… and here i am stuck already, no chance to get to dads office, if i try to talk to him he refuses to talk to me any more… can anyone help me out how to get to Bobs office?

  28. When’s the new version coming out? ive already completed all the girls besides the new ones like violet, your neighbor, mrs celia etc

  29. i finished fathers company but after i cant do nothing.Is that v003 finished?

  30. I’ve a 0.3b version and I’m playing it on my Android device. I’m done with the zuri scene but now the game says that the Mom’s and the Carolina’s scene are not available in this version. It says that it maybe available if INSTCR wants. What does it mean.?

  31. does anyone know how to get to gym? I found out that one of the secret cards( or whatever they are) is there but I can´t find a way there

    1. When looking at the front of the school don’t go in. Click the parking lot area to the right side of the school and it will take you to the gym.

  32. I’ve downloaded mac version but the application just jumps in the dock, then stops and says application not responding. Please help me with a solution! I wanna plaaaaaay

  33. Hello, I need your help I got stuck in one place all the tasks I did the teacher only performs commands by kamere, Sarah does not only is in the evenings with the mother is just kissing and sex at night as he comes to me. Work with Bob pays me for it I found a secret room his .
    Most of the secret foto I have and what’s next in sexshop, no matter what I already buy in the store, I can not buy any help what to do with all this.

  34. so,i have old version, if i want to download new version i have to download 2.2gb.and delete old version .it that so , i can’t understand .plz explain me .can i download necessary file :'(

  35. i already finish this game. When new update? Cause i can’t wait to continue this game. Lol

  36. Anyone else getting the last outfit in this new update for the photo shoot for Caroline locked? They say they are ready to shoot but the only 3 of the 4 outfits are available. I’ve already shot the other 3 but the 4 is greyed out and locked. I feel something is wrong though because the girls say they are ready to shoot.

  37. In the new update I cannot get the 4th outfit with Caroline to unlock. The girls both say they are ready to shoot but its locked and greyed out when I click on it. Im stuck at this point with nothing else to do- Also how do you get the second company name for the dad?

  38. So how am I supposed to update the newest version someone tell me pls. 1) what do I download?
    2) where do I place the new files under?
    3) if possible can someone post a video only on how to update this game or games like these, through YouTube?


    1. Just download the Game and play it i dont understand what there is hard to understand?

    1. to get the key, the house must be alone. In order to do that, you will have to continue the story. If you are stucked with yazmin and liza, try to climb the front wall at night.

  39. hello I need help download the file but I get an error and I can not extract it when I extract them from the 3 files and then I have 4 more files that I can not extract, I need help to solve that if

  40. Hello, I have a CRC error each time i try to extrat part 2 file.
    It happens no matter the source of the dl.
    Anyone knows how to fix this ?
    From what i understand it shows a corrupted file error and i can’t do much from my part :/ tried multiple dl, different source to dl, and even change CRC from the right click on the file inside Rar.

  41. Is date whit Caroline included in V0.4? I got sms where she invites me out next day but there is no nigtclub on map on any part of the next day.

  42. I have installed the Version 04c. I have finnished Caroline (Level 4), climbed several times to the window in Liza’s house, cleaned the pool, got the key … but my relationship Level with liza is still 1. How can I get the Level 2?

    1. How to complete that swiming pool cleaning
      Pls explain step by step it showing a mouse sign on left side

    1. I found a 4b? For Android… The part aboout going on as date with Caroline doesn’t appendix iether on This version

  43. How to complete that swiming pool cleaning
    Pls explain step by step it showing a mouse sign on left side

  44. Can anyone tell me how to clean the pool at aunt’s house?.. because it shows right click but it’s android as u know. So can anyone help me?

  45. I am in trouble with cleanig aunts pool in android i can’t click right mouse click beacuse there is no mouse in phone

  46. help about asking whats your name.. cant seem to make it work i input my name and then ok nothing happens help pls

  47. So I am on mac and the scenes play but then pause when it is supposed to be repeated. I have restarted the game many times, restarted my laptop many times and still nothing changes help pls?

    1. Load another save game, i had this issue when loaded an autosave but when i selected another save i made it worked.

  48. Why in this version of game the name of character has changed?
    Mom has becomed Linda
    sister has becomed friend

    1. Hello does anyone have the problem where they cant press the back button on dad’s office…. everytime i click the cabinet i cant click the back button so im stucked

  49. I have a big problem during zuri quest to find the second name company. I found the name buat I can’t go back. (Back that have an arrow). I’m stuck there. Can anyone help me?

  50. Congratulation you have completed all content for this character. How to go to other characters

  51. I already have the game version 0.2d, do i need to download it again from beginning or just the part 2? Anyone know?

  52. Probably a dumb question. but when went to extract from the part 2 file it said I needed a password to open it. Does anyone have the password cause I can’t find it

  53. I already download this game but when i extract the game, i got an issue that my movies.rpa file cannot be extract because the volume is corrupt. Do i need to redownload it again? Or someone know hot to fix this problem? Please help me. Thanks

  54. I have downloaded the rar file, but how do I install it? Do I need a special program to run the files?

  55. Hi.
    I have already downloaded part 1 and 2 of version 0.4c.
    the problem is that if I unzip them in the same folder they are overwritten, and also I can not find the patch.
    Help me please, what do I have to do to link part 1 and 2 and also use the patch

  56. Hey guys I just finished every character in this version and I was just wondering when we could expect next version? And do I have to play 0.5c (when it’s released) all over again if am using crunched version?

  57. @leobree10 Hey, I was using crunched version of Milfy City and I was just wondering if I will have to play 0.5c all over again when it’s released?

  58. Does the patch actually change something? I put it in game folder but didn’t find any new new, I finished every girl i was supossed in this version.

  59. The game bug in dad work, I can’t back when i’m in the table and the red statue for car key

  60. Is there going to be a lot of vaginal scenes in this new update? There’s legit only the aunt’s friend Linda and that’s it. The teacher, sisters, etc?

  61. If I have the o.3 version installed and I download this, do I need to start the game again or can I somehow transfer my saves and choices?

  62. your previous versions just let them be . the game will import your saves as long as uou hace them on your user \appdata \local \renpy \directory

    If you dont have that older save then find a version and import it after uou play and save atleast one time… after you past the save to the save directory in game it wont show till you delete the first set of the saves id number…
    example the numbers up to the – that being the 2 so you have a save looking now like this
    the go into your game and you see a new save .. open it and then go into the menu and in the lower left you see the original playes game name change it to your game name and your set to p[lay…

  63. Great game so far cant wait to play the new patch.One question,i gave the vibrator to sara but dont know how to progress more her story.Also i have the o,4 game,do i need to transport the save files to the new one?thanks in advance

  64. GUys i have a bug at latest version. When i go at beach at night, i moved to store in the beach. but when i try to click ” back button ” nothing happen. i cant move anywhere and i saved game by mistake. Do you guys have this issue ? Or how can i solve this? Any idea?

    1. go to auto saves and if u want to go back in the shop, clix de red X at the right side up

  65. i’m new to this game so i’m starting at 0.5c will i have all the content up to this point? or will i have to go back and find all the other versions first?

  66. Hello. I need some help as I’m new to this whole thing with dowloads etc etc. I know it’s simple. Just download and extract but the thing is this I have version 3 so,
    1. When I download these two files, do I need to extract them to the same folder or in seperate? Doex it even matter where I extract them?
    2. Do I need to download the previous versions too or the content is included here?

  67. ok i got both downloaded v0.5c part 1 is extracted and the exe is installed, and i can play but when i try to extract part 2 into the same part 1 file i get a crc error i’m using 7 zip so do i need part 2? part 1 is 3gb and 2 is 1.2gb

  68. Hi
    I have the new version 0.5c I read in some place that I need to lock trough windows in the morning to activate the new 2 characters… BUT i doens’t work for me. …. some ideas ? thx

  69. Hi, when i download the new milfy city 5 file from fileboom i cannot open it say access denied
    Please advise

  70. ok finally got it to work but can’t get pw to work on teacher computer i got the not pw says 0ssa36 but when i type in says its the wrong one

  71. nvm got pw to work but can’t get her to send me cam request, but i’m sure i’m not doing something wrong even tho i followed the wakthrough

  72. hey i almost done sara ,col..,,linda all congratulation but celia in school work in prograss celia house is work in prograss
    Neighbour house is work in prograss and therepist house is work in prograss what is this
    what i do now ????

  73. Hey man how to fix rar file…i alerady downloaded milf city that’s playing very well but i need some more data then i downloaded 2 part but i can’t fix it in apk…what i do❓ ☹

  74. how can i save my current game in vo.5 in pc? please help i cannot load the game. whenever i quit. theres no load game. thanks.

  75. how do i see the secrets scenes?? and i used the red wine with linda and now i have the white wine and i dont know where to use it

    1. when you go to the corridor where we can see classrooms you will see some stairs on the left side just click them

  76. so dude if I already download this new version I need to download all these other previous versions or it already comes in that q is downloading q is 0.5c as the fasso to update can please me because I have version 0.3b

  77. Where IS the patch here? I downloaded the game, but there’s no patch folder there. Does it need to be downloaded separately?

  78. I downloaded the patch for version 0.5c but I can’t get it to load. How do I update v.0.3.c? How do I get it to read the patch?

  79. what do you do when you have downloaded the 2 files part 1 and part 2( not unzipped not extracted nothing what do you do from nothing to playing the game)(put the files together / keep them apart /delete some files / add some files… (i also want to import some files from version 3 sow how do i do that )

    all reply’s will be greatly appreciated 2

  80. Guys help me i bought that spy camera from shop but how do i install it in the toilet i dont know where or what to click

    1. you don’t have to install it, just select it on your inventory and left-click on the door.

  81. ive downloaded both part 1 and part 2 of 5c, but when i unpack theres nothing there ?
    The rar files are both showing a size of about 2gb, but when unpacked the folders are empty ?
    Any clues ?

  82. Just a quick question: I´m playing these download games for not too long and this game is still in development.
    So how is it updated? Do I have to download the new version? Is the old one automatically downloaded? When I have to download the new version myself, how can I transfer my savegames?

  83. Sera is my favorite. Really sera I have some common Interest. I like her very much but what to do. Its just a 3d cartoon.

  84. do i need to pay for the download or is it free, because the other games where free but the 5.0 patch its not free


  86. How do I install it after downloading? It says that the file is corrupt no matter what I do

  87. What we got in vo.5c
    What is the difference between vo.5b&v0.5c
    Please give me reply

  88. Hey just wanted to know like I have the android version of this game and I would like to update it. So do I have to download the whole game again or something else…..

  89. Please help me!!!!!!! I have milfy city on Android. The problem is I am not able to see the 3d animations. They just don’t come. The screen turns black. please help

  90. I can’t progress… Mom comes to my room every night and i can’t go to judy or Celia’s house …. Plz tell me what to do .. plz plz

  91. Played 0.4c then when the 0.5 version of tne game came, it doesn’t show any new content. Says work in progress in the same place where the 0.4 version of the game end

  92. i pasted “patch.rpy” file into the “/game” folder but its not working.. any solution?

  93. When I opened the game….it stuck at the first scene…how to fix this?

  94. when is the next story update for sara coming. it ended after the anal with sara in the roof and in my room. when the next chapter will arrive for lily, the neighbours etc?

  95. the vergan 0.5 is not full complement for all characters can i get the full vergan and i can do all mossion for all characters plz ?

  96. Guys im already playing the game right now for 5 hours but still confuse about the part2 file? what is the purpose of that? is that the twin uptade that need specific folder? please help

  97. When we got the new version 5.c for Android?
    I have the older version 5.b..if any one knows please reply the date or month

  98. Can someone please explain in detail how to extract and place the most recent version of files? Sorry im a noob at this, and i could really use help. thanks.

    1. Can someone please help with this? lots of people seem to have the same problem.

  99. I have played 0.5 part 1 and the all chapters are completed now means it is telling work is in progress so I downloaded part 2 of 0.5 but it is not responding so what should I do

  100. Don’t bother with the new update. Nothing new has been added with Sara. You can’t level up past 3 love points. The dev is milking the game. It’s been months since the last one and barely anything has been added. Wait until next year and another 6 months before the dev actually puts a decent amount of content and any work into it.

  101. Hi all . I cant clean the pool . It doesnt work in android .what have i had to do clean that pool. Wheni entred in pool and select one to clean after that what have to do

        1. Same problem here.
          Unfortunately I have only one save game and I am not able to go back out of the swimming pool..

          1. its simple, click on the mouse button repeatedly till the bar fills.

  102. 1. I find it shitty that here is no info what missions there are and where, or where, 2. that it is not in German, especially with the money to find it is funny, but can not always use the translator of googel

  103. Is it possible to just download the 0.6 update, or do you need to download whole game again?

      1. That’s… Really uneconomical just to get a small content increase.

        But aside from that, can I at least use my old saves and progress or do I have to start that from scratch as well?

  104. Ive completed the latest 0.5 and downloaded 0.6c. do i need to play the whole game again in 0.6c? Cant i just continue from 0.5 to 0.6c? How? Thanks!

      1. It actually worked. i just copied and pasted the save files from 5 to the files of 6.

  105. not even weekend event with caroline is animated…. very disappointing…going downhill this game… sad but true

  106. Where can I found key from Celias apartmant ? Or what should I do last think I do was ordering Celia to suck my dick through glory hole.

    1. same. for some reason, i can’t even get to activate the glory hole scene. I ordered her on the webcam and then talked to the security guy and then to her, and after that, she’s just gone. Bug maybe?
      The order isn’t showing up in the webcam anymore either. This is getting frustrating

  107. stuck at the glory hole, can’t activate the glory hole scene, I’ve ordered her on webcam, have received blowjob in Celia’s apartment, after that i talked to her in school, then the security guy, then again to her, and since then she’s disappeared. game bug? or am I missing something? Also, where do i find Celia’s apartment key?

    1. i use this version 0.6 how can i start strory with celia i put envelope already nothing happenty

    1. Judy will give it to you. But you need first to visit Celia apt at night start from there

  108. How to get to Judy home when will Linda and Sara love increase to 5 and Liza only 3 love .. when will you combine everyoneyone

  109. He really needs a auto function so no need for clicking much and needs a animated to be looking better!

  110. Hi,
    Go on you garage, take the crowbar
    Go to charles on the night, open the window..
    Go to the night club
    Go to the warehouse tomorrow
    Go the night club
    Go back the tomorrow to the night club..
    See caroline
    Wait week-end event with caroline,
    give it back and enjoy 😉

  111. Hello there. After finishing the glory hole event i am supposed to get a message from Celia to come to her place at night but I’m not getting it. Even after i tried out every morning and afternoon for one week (in-game). What should i do

  112. Can someone help there is a game i used to play before and i forgot the title but i remember some scene there is mother who has an affair with his father when she’s younger and she has a son who wants to fuck her then her son went to his grandpa then grandpa told the son the story of him and his mother. Is there someone knows title of this game

  113. just started morning house. want to go to school. go outside open map and I cant go anywhere I also have to roll back to get out of map. what am I doing wrong. thanks

  114. what is up with the climbing game to peek at liza, I read how to do it butjust keep falling. is there a trick to it. please help

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