Manuscript: Another Way – Version 1.0

The main protagonist of this game was an ordinary, (or not?), college student; without a girlfriend. Two campus girls hold romantic interest for him, but he lacks the confidence to approach them. Our ‘hero’ finds himself in another world full of magic and adventure through a twist of fate, with monstergirl counterparts to his romantic interests in this world… Will he be able to accomplish in this fantasy realm, what he has lacked the willpower for in the real world?


– A lot of different endings that reveals new aspects of the story and characters.

– Choices made by the player during the game affect relationship levels and actions with the characters.

– The greater the intimacy of the protagonist to the girls, the more effectively they fight. And vice versa, any actions of the protagonist will affect the attitude of the girls.

– Several story arcs, that are depending of the protagonists choices.

– Original graphics.


– Catgirl

– Bunnygirl

– Big breast

– Small breast

– Tentacles

– Mind control

– Dendrophilia


– Sleeping

– F/F

– Defloration

– Creampie

– M/F

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