Love, Demons And Broken Nose – Version 0.2.1

Love, Demons and Broken Nose is an adults visual novel about a man in his twenties who experienced a mysterious paranormal encounter while hanging out with Jane, his friend with benefits and former classmate.
This event brings both friends to Dana, another of our protagonist’s former classmates and the girl he loved and betrayed in his teenage years.
A chain of other mysterious events that follows makes our young man and both girls live together under one roof, take adventurous trips and accept the fact that they must face an ancient evil.
Although the times when Dana struggled with the urge to beat the main protagonist unconscious are long gone and the three get along pretty well most of the time, this cohabitation is not always easy, and a demon on their ass doesn’t make it easier.
Is everything just a consequence of silly game when our trio together with another friend accidentally opened Pandora’s box a few years ago, or is there something else behind these events?‚Äč

One thought on “Love, Demons And Broken Nose – Version 0.2.1

  1. My head hurts after watching this crap. One small sex scene, massive amount of inner dialogue and pointless talking (blah, blah, blah, blah). I don’t even have the drive for more content to come out. This game sucks!

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