Lord of Desires – Chapter 1 Part 1b

The game tells the story of a guy who returned from a summer camp for IT geniuses to his house in which his relatives “neighbors” are waiting for him. During the summer, various events took place with each of them that had a dramatic impact on life and our main character will have to deal with all the strange events that await him in the city.
Use modern and interesting gadgets, play new interactive games, decide how you will be a person – you will become the dominant and bloodthirsty bastard or you will be a loving and protective guy.

3 thoughts on “Lord of Desires – Chapter 1 Part 1b

  1. couldn’t actually play the game, it kept exiting out, window mode doesn’t work, missing options that were in previous builds & in those previous builds the game froze durring some choices.

  2. This game have NO CONTENT currently.
    I can’t seem to finnish a single quest and the characters you live with have no dialogue past the first day or so.

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