Light of my life – Ch5 – Version 0.6.1

Light of my life – Ch5 – Version 0.6.1
Light of my life – Ch5 – Version 0.6.1

Release date: 10 January 2021
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: NaughtyRoad
Language: English
File size: 1.7 GB [Win/Mac/Android]

Nearly five years ago, the death of your wife left you in charge of your two young wards. You tried to be the best caregiver you could, but all three of you were scarred and hurt by the sudden loss of the light in your lives. Now your wards have become grown-up adults, and the grief you share has pushed you apart. Will you be able to overcome the barriers of your own making and help your wards rekindle the light in their hearts?
Light of my Life is an adult visual novel about loss and love. Aid and support your wards to help them overcome their hurts and fulfill their dreams, or let the pain you share drive you apart.

No new story content!
Some typo’s and dialogue problems fixed.
Dialog box transparency slider added (courtesy of RJ Rhodes). Find it under preferences.
Weird graphical issues surrounding blinking eyes caused by lossy webp compression fixed (by using lossless compression on quite a few images; players using unofficial compressed builds will be even more affected by this graphical glitch).
Scrabble value of ‘sarcasm’ now shows the correct point value (d’oh!).

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Jambalaya says:

best game so far! great work <3

itsme says:

great game!
good dialogs
love the perky nipples btw!! <3

Grimsoul says:

Really enjoyed playing and looking forward to more. I like how their relationship slowly evolves over time and has many ups and downs instead of just falling into bed within a few scenes. Keep up the good work.

Jambalaya says:

Ohh youve gone too far… seriously you cant take away a working man`s morning coffee thats unforgiveable like stealing a mothers baby! xD joke aside thats a nice update and its still my favourite Novel like i can se in the conversations and animations how much work you put in it and i love it <3 keep it up NR

Pete says:

Best adult game – period. Awesome dialog and intelligent story writing – gets under your skin and you develop feelings for the girls. . Waiting for the story to continue…



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