Innocent – Version 0.1.5 Beta

The son (you) came back from arduous training in the mountains to better his body, discipline and determination. After three years, you moved back to your family in a small town. You work from home as a programmer and live together with your mother and her two home-schooled innocent daughters. Everyday is a different day and you will get to know more about your seemingly innocent family!‚Äč


Meet your aunt and her daughter! Both have a story that goes back quite a few years with you, this is the pre-lude to what is coming next…but still it is hot!
4 events with your aunt;
2 multi-staged events.
4 events with your aunts daughter;
1 multi-staged event.
1 extended, new event with Asuna
New surprise during wake-up. Wait for Asuna!
1 new characters introduced;
183 renders;
9 animations;
Total animations: 17.
Total renders: 983.

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