Innocent – Version 0.2.1 Final

The son (you) came back from arduous training in the mountains to better his body, discipline and determination. After three years, you moved back to your family in a small town. You work from home as a programmer and live together with your mother and her two home-schooled innocent daughters. Everyday is a different day and you will get to know more about your seemingly innocent family!‚Äč


Many have not been able to see the previous content including Hitomi’s story-progression. With this update, you will!
Progress screen (event tracker) + hints, per event, per stage for all characters;
All characters have a description, depending on story progression this adapts (Hitomi).
Story progression works and you will be guided on how to do it;
GUI revamp for the boutique store (in MC’s laptop);
Smartphone GUI + text revamped for events;
Event completion only added for Hitomi as only she has a story progression available (for the other ladies it is left out as you can’t progress them yet);
Pop-up notifications;
GUI revamp for the UI, most of the game is animated, just like a computer/smartphone in real life;
All known bugs fixed, both technical and in-game events;
Compressed but with full quality – 1.3GB ->188MB.

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