Holiday Island – Version

You, the player (a guy) won a lottery for holidays on a Pacific island. But is not just any island. It is full of beautiful girls.

You can play the game’s intro story to learn all about it.​

34 thoughts on “Holiday Island – Version

  1. Great game. Hot babes!
    But images won’t load when hugging. Can’t play poker, drink, massage, or workout with any of the girls. Help!

  2. Only me. have a bug that every time go to reception every time heather arrive on island anywise she is at the start of the gomeon the island???

  3. Version is unplayable – I get an Error after a few seconds and can’t continue…

  4. Eva and Yvette are the best girls in this game, super sexy and a gorgeous, I hope there’s an update coming soon, Eva and Yvette models should be used more in other games, these are two are amazing good job guys

  5. game crashes on the flight there at the end I believe. the part right after she shows both of her tits on the plane

  6. game crashes EVERY TIME just when the flight is done with the “8 hour travel time”. EVERY TIME. I have downloaded it a couple times to see if the problem might be fixed but it never is and keeps crashing

  7. The shittiest and dumpiest game I ever played!
    Guys, do not loose your time!

  8. Make the guy of White nordic aryan type with big body and blue eyes. Females should be latina type with big boobs and big booties. It’ll be the great match!

      1. ok but i got the one on filejoker i think cant remember which is which but still a lot of problems of the game booging down from time to time and i have to ignore, reload or rollback for this version

  9. I just do not get it. I’ve max my love, affection and everything else with the girl called Aly. But i have no idea how to fuck her there is no guide. I’m stuck with this for a week now and it’s the same for other girls. Just make the game more understandable because i have no clue as to what i’m doing playing the game at all.

  10. On your “game phone” u got some scenes/achievements/quests to unlock to… “get” her. Even it gives you some “hints” on how to unlock it
    ( same with all girls )

  11. i think there are some missing files that are not downloaded yet and alot of problems are happening from game hangging and deactivating then i have to run the game again and also the updates really need to be repaired.

  12. you missed some file luckily i found some files from another site get that so it may work!

  13. Holiday Island – Version” the 1.9.1 updates crashed the game it won’t start, just getting a note pad file when starting the game

  14. File Boom – Unauthorized
    Film joker – Premium download only $14.95 a month

    So were having to pay for this now to get the latest Version

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