Game of Moans: Whispers From The Wall – Version 0.2.6

Our current project, Game of Moans, is an adult visual novel parody game. In this game, you will take the role of a young banished lordling who is stripped of his titles and claims. You will then be tasked with earning enough respect, coin and skill to gain something greater for yourself. This will be done through quests and activities, during which you will meet a large cast of characters. As this is an adult game, you’ll be able to romance and get intimate with a lot of these characters.​


1 New Arya Quest
2 New Sansa Quests
New Dialogue Box (Now semi-transparent)
Text colour now light purple for the pc’s inner monologue
Option to skip to new content added

8 thoughts on “Game of Moans: Whispers From The Wall – Version 0.2.6

  1. It is not bad this game, even if it seems to me that there are bugs. As with the key of the Sansa drawer.

    And perhaps also the fact that we can not click on the log icon in the top left.

    I can not wait to see the updates of this game

  2. after a while i get a lot of unforced errors if i click on bags on buy thing or hunt. s soon it goes in my inventory the error comes. always the same line i think it was 192

  3. I can not find the list for requirements for Castel black?is it a bug or the list is hidden somewhere?

  4. Book cover is to the left of the market stall.
    Requirements for castle black are 2x stone, 1x wood, 2x wool

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