Download Porn Game Duo – Version 0.2.5

Duo – Version 0.2.5

Release date: 18 June 2019
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Sid Valentine
Language: English
File size: 262 MB [Win/Mac/Android]

Seasoned Private Investigator, Leo, has not always had a great life. Not until his boss, Mr. Hart, taken him under his wings. Nowadays, as the city is in crisis, a new innocent blood arrives, Julia.
Having a partner for the first time, It is now Leo's turn to grow as mentor.
Duo is a dynamic story about Leo and Julia, where you play both.

- [Remastering] A new game opening scene before the old one (additional scene, not instead).
- [Remastering] New renders for Lena scenes. (and a tiny new scene for her as well).
- Two short animations! (Opening scene, Leo & April sex scene)
Animations are something we are still learning and experimenting with. Hope you like them and we will try to improve on them!
- Fixed some dialogues from 0.2 that were written while being drunk (probably). 
- New conversation log available next to the Skip button. Or by pressing TAB.
Skip also got a shiny hot key, S.
- You can now also load games from within a game.
- UI Overhaul - New main menu. In-game tip UI (similar to LSS). Game UI next!
- Load and Save menus can now filter files by active character.

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