Desert Adventure – Version 0.2.0

Your goal is to play a role of a young man who has to become a slaver and a slave trainer to pay debts his uncle left to him. The story takes place in an ancient desert city called Mera. The city that used to be a pearl of the Orient, becomes the center of the slave trade under the Sultan’s reign.

Explore with our hero every corner of this unique place and reveal life stories of the people who live there. Who knows? Maybe while strolling a dirty alley you will meet a great slave, maybe you will find the love of your life and maybe… maybe you will manage to save your own life.​


– new gameplay based on completing quests
– changed some texts
– removed arena games
– less minigames
– easier minigames
– skippable minigames
– at the beginning you can choose to play completely without minigames
– skippable prologue
– cheaper prices in the shops (images, clothes, gifts for Sadira…)
– cheaper skills upgrade prices
– different pictures in the gallery
– some changes in the story
– optimized images (saved over 400 MB)
– new help
– new bathing scenes with sadira (3 scenes)
– new handjob scene in the brothel (include short animations)
– optimized coding (easier to add updates)
– solved problem with “fake virus detection”
– removed custom pointer (cleaner transitions)
– new wardrobe mechanics
– new reward system for patrons (cheat code)
– add few short animations (6-8 short animations)

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