Cheating Wife – Version 0.6.1

Story :- Nisha and Brendan have been married since 10+ years slowly growing apart Husband ( brendan ) wants to continue the marriage dont want to let Nisha go but Nisha has different plans she is bored from her 10+ Years of Vanilla Life style and wants to try Different things ( mostly fuck everybody ) but is she going to enjoy it or not its up to you

if you encounter bugs please let me know specificly at which dialogue or scene you encountered a bug dont just say there are bugs if you tell me where i can fix it :) also the game might work slower on first load only when the animation are being loaded i have added few heavy animations into the game ( 140 frames) so be patient with it …added a no animation version of the game


you will have to play straight path from the start again to enjoy this update fully straight path story is now fully added into the game and that is a seprate timeline where brendan made different choices which leads to different results

if brendan says yes to nisha inviting family > different scene >you can take any of the girls available to dinner > every girl has different scene > there are many other small choices and every choice will impact hugely… you will have to play straight path multiple times to get all 200+ CGIs and animations

200+ new cgi
3 normal animations
2 HQ animations with 100+ frames
check discord for further information and 0.7 is underway already and its a 100% NTR update

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