C – Plan – Version 0.0.3a

“One night, after some twisted chain of events, your relationship with Catherine changed forever. The story will begin in the next morning and you’ll decide how’d you proceed the aftermath of that night. Will your relationship with her grow even stronger?
On the other hand, the truth about your family finally starting to reveal itself while a mysterious power lurking around you in silent. Before you know it, the course of your life changed forever.”


this update focus on Trent’s mother, Mrs. Lopez. There are several sex scenes with her on different locations based on the choice you have made / will make.
There are some lewd scenes involving Catherine, Connie, Ms. Eri and a new character.
We introduced several new locations and characters who will play important role with the main story later.
The story is starting to branch in this update so you may not see all the content in this update in single playthrough.
5000+ words
900+ new images (excluding frame animation)
18 new animations

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    1. It’s out there if you look for it. I can’t name the site where I got it because they don’t like us mentioning other sites in comments. I also tried to copy and paste my version here, but was unable.

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