Battle for Luvia: Armored Romance – Version 0.12c

You play the role of Sir Patrik of Akros, a charismatic, handsome and middle aged (for the times) Knight that set by bonds of loyalty and family to the new Countess of Kathia, is bound to gather the fealty of the vassals of his liege, cajole with the outer counts, and overthrow the Duke of Luvia. It will not be only a path of conflict, choices of whom to trust and whom to make a head short, but will let the player enjoy the power fantasy of the Middle Ages, using the lesser and being used by the higher, both for power and for pleasure. In your treacherous journey among medieval politics, nothing will stop you from romancing and lay with any woman that is put in your way, for lust, love or political interest. Not only nothing stops you: Is part of your mission.​


800+ renders
More than 1700 new lines of dialogue (total of 7800+)
This is a Gameplay Update. There is lots of little scenes here and there, but basically is expanding most zones in order to allow the gameplay for the future update, that will be basically Important quest progression and cutscenes

Main Story Content:

-Kaelkirk location open (Basic Intro and first conversations)
-A little Main Story Progression at Hartlepool Fortress. (With additional Main Story “Meanwhile” Scene)
-PortHouse Open (Varied content, and extras)

Varied Gameplay Content:

-Little conversation with Avani now available
-Clothes stand open on Penketh.
-Some Silk Trader Scenes
-3 New Item/Resource Traders
-A little extra on Mina -Very specific combination of paths-
-Alternative way to start building Akros Castle.
-A little Akros Plus Ultra Quest Progression.
-New Item consultations with Minerva.

New Mechanic: Porthouse Roleplay


-Added Akros Manor Progress bar on Armies menu
-On same menu you can see Sir Patrik’s pouch money cap. It increases with Akros Manor Progress Level.

Game Engine:

-Frame Cap added. (for those who had performance issues for the game going to fast in fps sometimes)
-Fixed Drunk Cam
-Gallery for Extra scenes Available (for now only with the two available Meanwhile Scenes)
-Progress Sheet is finally deprecated. Now follow Quest Tracker / Romance menu to see what content lies ahead.

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