Babysitter – Version 0.2.2b

You starting to play in the role of freelance programmer, whos career is not so successful as expected. Currently you are desperately seeking for the client who would buy the “special software” you have been working on for a while and you hope it will make you filthy rich. In the meantime, your sister is having argue with her daughter whether she will go on college or not. This argue ends in having your niece in your apartment free room. And she is currently looking for a job instead going to the college in order to be independent…

36 thoughts on “Babysitter – Version 0.2.2b

      1. If you click on ‘file joker’ download you get ver.
        If you click on ‘file bloom’ download you get ver.

  1. When I download from file boom, it says I must have a password before I can unzip the file. Is anyone else encountering this?

  2. Game crashes after talking to Sonya in massage parlor is there a fix for this

  3. [code]
    I’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

    While running game code:
    ScriptError: could not find label ‘CheJesSpa’.

    — Full Traceback ————————————————————

    Full traceback:
    File “script.rpyc”, line 30008, in script
    File “C:\Users\Steve\Downloads\Babysitter-0.1.2.-win\renpy\”, line 1600, in execute
    rv =
    File “C:\Users\Steve\Downloads\Babysitter-0.1.2.-win\renpy\”, line 873, in lookup
    raise ScriptError(“could not find label ‘%s’.” % str(original))
    ScriptError: could not find label ‘CheJesSpa’.

    Babysitter 0.1.2.
    Sun May 20 06:48:51 2018

  4. Same error happened to me , the game probably ends there and will be updated this june

  5. i had 8 hearts on Sonya in massage parlour and the game don’t crash

    1. How bro? when I was playing it crashed at sonya in massage parlour. what version U r playing I am playing 0.1.2

  6. Hi all, the crash in massage parlour is I think related to the fact if you choose to go naughty with Sonia in the office, if you do the game wont crash. Is there any way to avoid the crash without bedding her?

    1. The password to Christine’s laptop is “Mister {your character name}” So if your character name is Phil, the password would be “Mister Phil”

  7. Hi can somebady Tell me whats the password on the laptop offre Veruna Silver …. Thanks

  8. Walkthrough for 0.1.8b – horny, non-monogamous route:

    Day 1
    1. Lie (Friend +1),
    2. Go to Bathroom and have a shower,
    3. Go to Living room and watch the TV / Porn,
    4. Go to Bedroom and Put your jeans on,
    5. Go out of the apartment and pick up Christine,
    6. Quick and strict,
    7. Help her (Friend +1), (Horny +1),
    8. Be friendly (Friend +1),
    9. Lie (Friend +1),
    10. Offer to prepare something (Friend +1),
    11. Suggest to her to go naked (Friend -1), (Horny +1),
    12. Enter without knocking (Friend -2), (Horny +1),
    13. Let her guess,
    14. Be supportive (Friend +1),
    15. Go to Bedroom and Take off your jeans,
    16. Go to Bathroom and Peak,
    17. Tell (Friend +1),
    18. Decline (Friend +1),
    19. No,
    20. Caress her,
    21. Pretend that you are asleep (Horny +2),
    End of day 1 (Friend 5 Horny 5)
    Day 2
    22. Go to Bathroom and use toilet (Horny +2),
    23. Use shower,
    24. Go to kitchen and use fridge,
    25. Go to bedroom and use wardrobe (Suit up),
    26. Go out of the apartment,
    27. Do not apologize,
    28. Be cunning,
    29. Don’t agree,
    30. Say no (Friend +1),
    31. Take a quick peek or Just Wait,
    32. Go and check Christine,
    33. Praise her (Friend +1),
    34. Checkout Christine or Checkout Jessica,
    35. Don’t pay it,
    36. Go to the right part of bedroom,
    37. Use computer (Work),
    38. Yes,
    39. Agree (Friend +1),
    End of day 2 (Friend 8 Horny 7)
    Day 3
    40. Sleep some more (Horny +3),
    41. Go to Bathroom and use toilet and use shower
    42. Go to kitchen and use fridge (Friend -1),
    43. Go to bedroom and use wardrobe (Suit up),
    44. Go out of the apartment,
    45. Order
    46. Lie (No)
    47. Kiss
    48. Go to Christine’s room
    49. Use bedside table
    50. Check it out
    51. Check drawers and take bra
    52. Go to right part of the bedroom
    53. Use computer
    54. Surf the internet
    55. Study remote access
    56. Use computer
    57. Send Jessica e-mail with virus
    58. Go for it!
    End of day 3 (Friend 7 Horny 10)
    Day 4
    59. Use computer,
    60. Send the software,
    61. Go to living room and watch TV (Horny +1),
    62. Be direct,
    63. Go to right part of bedroom,
    64. Use computer,
    65. Spy on Jess (camera),
    66. Spy on Christine (camera),
    67. Go to Christine’s room,
    68. Yes,
    69. If you want to,
    70. Choose whatever route you like.
    End of day 4 (Friend 7 Horny 11)
    Day 5
    71. Use computer,
    72. Spy on Jess (camera),
    73. Spy on Jess (camera) second time,
    74. Go to Christine’s room,
    75. Check it out,
    76. Go to kitchen and use fridge,
    77. Decline,
    78. Wait,
    79. String bikini,
    80. Wait,
    81. Sexy shirt and short jeans,
    82. Wait,
    83. Stop her (Friend -2), (otherwise Mr. Silver will take an interest in her),
    84. Go to Christine’s room (Friend +1),
    85. Go to right part of bedroom,
    86. Use computer,
    87. Surf,
    88. Erotic games,
    89. Help her,
    90. Excuse yourself, (WATCH OUT! If you take advantage of Sonya now, you will lose chance to get her more involved with Christine in the future.)
    End of day 5 (Friend 6 Horny 11)
    Day 6
    91. Use computer,
    92. Spy on Jess (camera),
    93. Go to Christine’s room (you could steal panties from drawers to see Christine without them during kitchen event, but it will stop you from doing proper massage event later),
    94. Click on Bedside table and check it out,
    95. Go to kitchen and use fridge,
    96. Offer something else (Friend +1),
    97. Help her,
    98. Hug Jess,
    99. Alcoholic (Friend -1),
    100. Go to Bedroom and click on Wardrobe,
    101. Take off your jeans,
    102. Go to Christine’s room,
    103. Go for the lotion,
    104. Say nothing,
    105. Shoulders,
    106. Back,
    107. Ass,
    108. Shoulders (Horny +2),
    109. Go to Bedroom and click on Computer,
    110. Spy on Jess (camera),
    111. Spy on Christine (camera),
    112. Click on the Bed.
    113. Force her OR Leave her
    End of day 6 (Friend 6 Horny 13)
    Day 7
    114. Use computer
    115. Spy on Jess (camera) and Surf (erotic games twice),
    116. Go to kitchen and click on fridge,
    117. Go to Bedroom and Use computer,
    118. Spy on Jess (camera),
    119. Go to Christine’s room,
    120. Click on the drawers,
    121. Take it,
    122. Go to Bedroom and click on Wardrobe,
    123. Put your jeans on,
    124. Go outside of the apartment,
    125. Encourage her to work with Jess, (Friend +1),
    126. Go after her,
    127. Choose left door,
    128. I thought you want,
    129. Let her finish you,
    End of day 7 (Friend 7 Horny 13)
    Day 8
    130. Use computer, Spy on Jess (camera) and Surf (erotic games twice),
    131. Spy on Jess site, Become Super Patreon and check her videos,
    132. Go to Bathroom and use Shower,
    133. Go to Bedroom and Put your jeans on,
    134. Go out of your apartment,
    135. Touch her ass,
    136. Stop it here,
    137. Check out her ass,
    138. Massage her pussy 2x,
    139. Finger her pussy (Horny +4),
    End of day 8 (Friend 8 Horny 17)
    Day 9
    140. Go to the kitchen and check fridge,
    141. Go the bedroom and Put your jeans on,
    142. Go out of the apartment,
    143. Jessica (WATCH OUT! Choosing Robert might lead to NTR.),
    Day 10
    144. Hug her (Friend + 2),
    145. Christine (Friend +3, Horny +2) STORY! Dancing with Jessica gives you a higher horny score (including with Jess if you grab her tits), but Robert will be able to go on a date with Christine on day 11. If you dance with Christine, however, she will not be charmed by Robert and you can go on the date with her instead of him. Since he is an asshole and I don’t want him near Christine, I usually choose this route.
    146. Sure, why not? (Friend +1),
    147. What’s it to you if I am?,
    148. Flash the people downstairs (Friend +1),
    149. Dare (Horny +1)
    150. Take off your top (Horny +2),
    151. Dare,
    152. Have you ever cheated? (Friend +1, Horny +1),
    153. Jessica,
    154. Go after Christine (Friend + 2),
    155. I better step in (WATCH OUT! If you don’t step in Jessica might not stop Robert if she has more than 5 horny points and Christine might be negatively affected by this event if she has more horny points than friendship points),
    End of day 10 (Friend 17 Horny 22)
    Day 11
    157. Go to computer, Work, Play games 2x and Spy on Jessica’s camera,
    158. Play with dildo for me,
    159. Professional is overrated (Horny +1),
    160. Just take the towel (Horny +2, Friend +1),
    160. Sexy,
    161. Help Christine to sit (Friend +1),
    162. Order some Sake (Date Point + 1 Note: Enough Date points will unlock a scene at the end of the evening.),
    163. Check out her ass,
    164. Stare at waitress breast,
    165. Romantic Toast (Friend +1),
    166. “You look amazing in that dress” (Horny +2, Date Point +1),
    167. I’ll charge you next time (Horny +2),
    168. “Even in crappy shoes you look great!” (Date Point + 1),
    169. Position her by pushing her shoulders,
    170. Position her thighs with your hands (Friend + 3, Horny +2)
    171. Take it seriously (Date Point + 1 Horny +2 Note: If you let her win, you lose a date point but get an extra humorous scene in the next update)
    172. Party song (Friend +1),
    173. Rock song or rock song with cowbell,
    174. Romantic rock song,
    175. Ultimate cheesy rock song,
    176. Kiss her or That’s probably a bad idea (Horny +1),
    177. Kiss, kiss neck, move top, kiss neck, kiss and play with tits, go between legs.
    178. Push forward (Friend -5, Horny +5),
    179. Go to Christine’s room, click bedside table and check it out,
    180. Click computer and try to login,
    181. Type it: “Mister (your name)”,
    182. Check browser history, contacts and photos,
    183. Go to Bedroom and Use computer,
    184. Infect Robert with spyware, play erotic games x2, spy on Jess (camera),
    185. Apologize or Tell her how you feel,
    186. Accept her (otherwise, GAME OVER),
    187. “That sucks” (Friend +1),
    188. “It’s hard to let go…”
    189. “OK.”
    190. “You’re wrong”,
    191. “Please do.” (Horny +2),
    192. Warn her,
    193. “Want to join me?” (Friend +3),
    End of day 12 (Friend 23 Horny 40)
    Day 13
    194. Pretend to be asleep,
    195. Slyly lower your boxers (Horny +4),
    196. Go to Computer and spy on Robert, then spy on Jess (camera),
    197. Go to wardrobe and put your jeans on,
    198. Leave apartment,
    199. Tell her how hot she looks (Friend +1, Horny +1),
    200. Click yes,
    201. Do it,
    202. Play along (Horny +1),
    203. Push the back of the head (Horny +1),
    204. Grope her (Horny +2),
    205. You have 9 actions on each girl. Don’t touch the tits, ass or thighs until you have made them relax or you’ll have to start over. Here is one series that works: Feet, lower legs, back, shoulders, back, tits, ass, thighs, thighs (Friend +2),
    206. “Are you OK?”
    207. Prove it (Horny +5),
    208. Spank her ass, spank her ass, pull her hair (Horny +2),
    209. Finish inside of her or Cum on her tits,
    210. Kiss her (Friend -1 for Christine, +2 for Sonya),
    211. Sushi (Friend +1),
    212. Help her out (Friend +1),
    213. Hug her from behind (Horny +2),
    214. “It’s good. A great first attempt” (Friend +1),
    215. Keep things as they are. (STORY! You can choose to go exclusive, but Christine will be hurt if you break your promise to her. She will be happy if you go exclusive, so that is the “friendly” route, while having other women is the “horny” route).
    216. Kiss her (Horny +2),
    217. Kiss her, kiss neck, kiss breasts, kiss calf, kiss belly, kiss belly, kiss breasts, kiss her, take panties (Horny +1),
    218. Christine on top (Friend +5, Horny +10),
    End of day 13 (Friend 32 Horny 62)
    Day 14
    219. Go to Computer and surf erotic games twice, Spy on Robert then Spy on Jess (camera),
    220. Step in, I’m a super supporter too,
    221. Spy on Christine,
    222. Go to bathroom, Use toilet and Use shower,
    223. “I’ll get out of your way…” (Friend +2),
    224. Go to computer and spy on Christine,
    225. Go to wardrobe and get tuxedo,
    226. Talk to the bouncer,
    227. See if there is a way to sneak in,
    228. Get help from the girl,
    229. “Yes, of course.”
    230. Power through the pain,
    231. Talk to Sonya,
    232. Balcony,
    233. Go inside,
    234. Pool,
    235. Balcony,
    236. Pool, talk to Julia and Alyssa,
    237, Go inside,
    238. Balcony,
    239. Any of the three options,
    240. Deck area,
    241. Fuck her instead (Friend +3, Horny +3),
    242. “It’s not what it looks like…”
    243. teamup with Christine (Friend +2),
    244. Paul and Julia, kick their ass, aim for the top, focus on fight, let them fight, finish up,
    245. Three options here, two of which lead to sex. I recommend b).
    a) Stay in the pool leads to threesome sex; you and Paul have sex with Julia first, then Sonya joins in and you fuck and creampie her while Julia eats her pussy. Then you go to the hot tub and watch the girls’ talk with Silver.
    b) Follow Alyssa leads to hot sex with the little freak; you fuck her roughly and cum inside her. Then you go to the hot tub and watch the girls, then you go to the pool and watch the sex scene (it’s the same as option a, but without Sonya and with Robert taking your place).
    c) Follow girls leads to no sex.
    246. Go to hot tub,
    247. Any option (Friend -2, Horny +2),
    248. Dare (Horny +2),
    249. Christine or Jessica – Get drinks naked,
    250. Christine or Jessica – Kiss each other,
    251. Dare: kiss nipple (Horny +3),
    252. Dare,
    253. Jessica,
    254. Stay with Jessica,
    255. Kiss her (Horny +5),
    256. Play with tits, play with pussy, play with foot, play with tits, flip her over, play with ass, spank it, play with pussy, flip her over, play with tits, play with pussy, play with tits, play with tits.
    257. Change position, fuck her from behind, cum (Horny +3),
    258. Just cuddle (Horny +5),
    End of day 14 (Friend 34 Horny 77)
    Day 15
    259. Play with her,
    260. Keep going,
    261. Talk to her,
    262. Go with her,
    End of day 15 (Friend 34 Horny 77)
    Day 26 (the game has skipped)
    263. Cheesy, romantic line (Friend +2),
    264. Go to computer,
    265. Yes, work, check e-mail, spy on Christine,
    266. Go to bathroom, use toilet and shower,
    267. Go to kitchen,
    268. Go to bedroom, use wardrobe and suit up,
    269. Leave apartment,
    270. Yes, provisionally,
    271. Tell her everything,
    272. 9 1/2 weeks,
    273. Cup her ass (Horny +3),
    274. “Well, if you insist” (Horny +5),
    275. Either option,
    276. Either option (Friend -3),
    End of day 26 (Friend 38 Horny 88)
    Day 27
    277. “What else you can offer”,
    278. Password “MCSilverBullet”,
    279. Angela’s Girls, then Lola,
    280. Delete the photos,
    281. Push her away (if you don’t want sex) or Pull her in towards you (if you want a sex scene and having some fun at Silver’s expense), there doesn’t seem to be any consequences either way.
    282. Any response except you going with Jess (Friend +3),
    283. “Yeah totally” (Friend +3),
    284. “Both of you” (Horny +3),
    285. “A sexy little freak” Horny +3),
    286. Any response,
    287. Jessica (Friend -5, Horny +5)
    288. Back off,
    289. Yes,
    290. Kiss her, kiss neck, kiss calf, finger her, turn to Jessica, kiss her, finger her, kiss calf, finger her, turn to Jessica,
    291. Teasing play, footjob, eat Christine out, blowjob, fuck them,
    292. Jessica.


  9. I’d say the game was good if it wasn’t for the fact that one wrong move through the whole game and you’re game over.
    I got a game over while going to bed because she wanted to move out. The choices I have made is back in time, I haven’t saved for 40 minutes and the autosave only goes back 2 minutes…

  10. this is the fist game l’v played where the MC has gone from being an uncle and brother to not be related at all..really stupid… all thanks to Patreon…..urk

  11. had to laugh when i saw that the author miss spelled recipe as recepe lol

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