Away From Home – Episode 1-10 & Incest Patch

Your father is an ex-cop. One day he tells you and your mother have to go to your aunt’s house which is approximately 2500 km away, without giving any reason. You are against it because going there means almost starting a new life but your mother already prepared everything and ready to hit to road. You’ll reunite with your cousins after 12 years and encounter new people while trying to find out why did your father send you away from home.

Incest Patch:

Put the “zzzzz.rpy” file into “AwayFromHome/game” folder.

8 thoughts on “Away From Home – Episode 1-10 & Incest Patch

  1. Im sorry if this a repeat but I notice it says mom and Aunt and I know its due to patreon its now aunt and maid just wondering if theres a incest patch

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