Download Porn Game [Android] RE: Hero Academia – Version 0.2

[Android] RE: Hero Academia – Version 0.2

Release date: 15 June 2021
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Double-H
Language: English
File size: 77 MB [Win/Mac/Android]

In the game, you play like a Pro Hero, a fresh graduate from U.A, who was killed in action but was saved by a mysterious Quirk and sent back in time.
Given a second chance, it’s time to hone your power, get closer to allies in order to solve the mystery of your future and try to avoid your impending doom.
You will be able to experience many lewd situations with your favorite characters along the way. Fair price for dying once, right?​

– New character: Kyoka Jiro. This comes with the first part of her story. No H for her at this point though.
– Continue with the main story. You and your friends will come together for a rescue mission, where you can ‘lead’ them, assign them roles and decide the outcome of the quest.
– You will receive prompt for this once you finished all 0.14 stories, which mean Ochaco, Mei and Tsuyu/Midnight. After this, go to sleep at night and you will be asked if you want to continue with the main story. Once accept, you have to follow through with the whole thing. The only way to back out is by backtracking or loading a save.
– You will receive an in-game warning as well, but it’s highly recommended that you finish Jiro’s current story before accepting the main quest. She’s not required to success the main story part, but having her will make your life much easier.
– Yes, you can ‘fail’ the main story. To prevent that, read the dialogues before and after choices, and remember the affinity advantages when picking who goes into which team. Save your potions and stock up on chocolate.
– 2 new H-scenes with Midnight. This is the reward for ‘passing’ the main story segment. So you might want to do everything to help your chance. If you fail, you won’t get the scenes, but the story will process like normal.
– Nerf the HP of all enemy (again) to make it easier, especially for new players. It should be really easy now, unless you pick all the wrong choices.
– New locations: The park, the mall and 3 shops within it – music shop, fastfood joint and cinema.
– Protagonist’s house expanded: He now got a 2nd floor hallway, a locker/washing room and a shower room.
– Fixed some inconsistent graphic where people were wearing the wrong outfits, and blushing for no reason.

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