F.I.L.F. – Version 0.5.1

You the main character come home from a long time away. greeted by your mom and sister you come to find out your aunt and cousin have also moved into town!

Changelog 0.5.1:

Naomi’s new scene does come BEFORE Melissa’s night scene from 0.4, though I believe I’ve set it up so that you can view the scene, even if you already have Melissa’s scene unlocked. Please report if this is working smoothly for you. 
New scenes/quests for Naomi, Aubrey and one new character.
New interaction with your home’s bathtub. These animations are in the rendering process and will be updated VERY soon.
Added multiple new secret photos to find out in the world
3 new locations added! Character’s house, Gym and City Hall.
New button added to the laptop (“Search”). Find interesting things with specific keywords (Currently, only one can be found.)
Sam and Courtney now practice volleyball at the gym 3 days a week in the afternoon (time 2/4)
Added the ability to see locked choices previous/new scenes. Like Melissa’s “kiss on lips” scene. You’ll also be notified when you’ve unlocked a new choice.
The intro quest now only displays the important locations until you’ve left Aubrey’s house for the first time.

6 thoughts on “F.I.L.F. – Version 0.5.1

    1. Follow aunt by first going to VIP room in strip club when Roxy (aunt’s stage name) is performing. She’ll recognize you and take away your VIP card. Next day, search aunt’s car – VIP card is on front seat. Then buy a disguise at the botique (black and red jacket) and return to the strip club the next time Roxy is performing for some fun. After that, make sure to go to aunt’s house during the daytime and talk with her when she’s in the kitchen to learn about her other job. Requires at least two visits to aunt’s house to get all of the details.

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