F.I.L.F. – Version 0.8b & Incest Patch & Walkthrough

You the main character come home from a long time away. greeted by your mom and sister you come to find out your aunt and cousin have also moved into town!

Changelog 0.8b

bugfixes no new scenes

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    1. Follow aunt by first going to VIP room in strip club when Roxy (aunt’s stage name) is performing. She’ll recognize you and take away your VIP card. Next day, search aunt’s car – VIP card is on front seat. Then buy a disguise at the botique (black and red jacket) and return to the strip club the next time Roxy is performing for some fun. After that, make sure to go to aunt’s house during the daytime and talk with her when she’s in the kitchen to learn about her other job. Requires at least two visits to aunt’s house to get all of the details.

        1. If you have completed the conversations with aunt and know she secretly goes out on Monday evening, go to Aunt’s garage anytime (morning, afternoon, or evening) on Monday. Once inside the garage, you’ll get an option to hide in car. I recommend going in the evening, as this option continues the flow of the game.

    1. Keywords are: pussy sandwich. “pussy sandwich” is written on the wall in the bathroom of the coffee shop in latest version.

  1. my previous saves from 0.4v arent working on this version (0.5)…they appear on load game mode, but they all send me back to day 1.

  2. I played all content from this version 5.1, and have just a few new things to do.
    Mother -> nothing new
    Sister -> nothing new
    Aunt -> Open that “secret meeting” on monday, but just after that, that route is closed again.
    Cousin -> nothing new
    Stripper -> nothing new
    Chick from Spa (mom’s friend) – Just a new scene on a hot tub.
    New places:
    Gym – nothing to do yet and your sister and cousin are there, but nothing happens.
    Mayor City Hall – You find a new character (involved on the aunt arc), but nothing happens too because this route is also closed so far.
    Mayors House – Nothing to do there.

    I liked the previous version, but i am very disapointed with this “new” one, almost nothing new to do. This version just dont worth the time. Until now im thinking why release a version like this.

  3. All kinds of undefined errors when at the Spa talking to Naomi, cleaning up and with the boss.

    1. Just add it in the game. And ofcourse you have to download 0.6 to play 0.6 lol

  4. If I already have the 5.0 Version, I just have to download the patch right? Can someone tell me how to use the patch file?

  5. Can’t find Melissa…..
    You guys have any idea where is she at morning?

    1. Flavor doesn’t matter -> 1x Milk / 2x Eggs -> 3x Chocolate / 1x Sparkles -> stir it four times

  6. How to give drink to the lady in night ub its asking 5p limit but no combination works so somebody please help

  7. How do I make proggress with the sister ?
    One option in a night club is not available, how do I unlock it ?

  8. How do I update it to last version ?
    Any link please ?
    I’m using android.
    Thank you.

    1. @avi – go in your room, access pc, click on webcam icon, enter “buttercup69” (without quotes)

  9. so, there’s a point when you get back from city hall it says to sleep in til tomorrow then you should get message from courtney.. I never get one

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