Ways of Life – Version 0.5.0a

You’re a young man whose father recently left mysteriously. You need to find out what happened to him, but, in the meantime, you can have fun with girls and even discover your bloodline secrets.

14 thoughts on “Ways of Life – Version 0.5.0a

  1. Hmmm, after spending a few hours in the game I made it to Bethany’s house where she blackmails me. I playing anf playing and playing but there is no main game progress, I am stuck with all the same actions again and again. My stats are so high by now i cannot do anything with them. I cannot search Moira’s room for the necklace Bethany asked me for, why? Ostara said she is in the school, she is not there, why? Am I doing anything wrong here, do I miss anything? I cannot do anything with Sasha, there is still no progress here, 0 points in stats because there are no actions so far. Why? Please can someone help me out here? Thanks in advance…

    1. I have the same problem, and im stuck where you are. Maturbate in the dawn maight raise Sashas stats.
      Moria stats: Afferction: 35, Lust 54, Victoria: Afferction: 28, Lust 27, Sasha: Afferction: 0, Lust 3.

      I have 960 money and bought all there is to buy twice but still only have 1pc of each. and in the skill menue I cant learn new skills. It must be a bug.

  2. I need a walkthrough. im stuck, iv’e tried all but i cant get fwd. Not update power or anything. please help, i really like this game.

  3. the maker ralx milks the undone game with updates of just small added parts of incomplete game every few months. Guess at the rate he updates the game will be complete in about 2 years…..

    for cheats, go to computer in your room and start it and go to console and type in cheats for money is cashh , milfs and sexiest , gets you like 9999 money and 100 aff. and lust on the 3 girls at home. then buy on the computer at the web button on the pc in your room and buy sun tan, sleeping pill and message lotion to rub vic after breakfast tanning and evening moria massage and or sleeping pill in her glass of water you can ask her if she wants. to go to her room after she sleep, undress and used her as you like.
    So i guess you got the power of sleeping pill for one of the girls. Then wait a year or more till the games complete after he milks the patreon

  4. how the heck do u play the new updateds i cant find them can i not play it online only download ? im up set

  5. Cheats:
    Input the cheat on the computer on your bedroom.
    Letter = letter
    9999 Money = MONMON
    Moira’s Affection and Lust boosted! = momo
    Victoria and Sasha’s Affection and Lust boosted! = GURLZ
    Capslock on or off makes no difference

  6. another nano-update you can wait at least 10-12 updates before anything happens in this game.

  7. I really like the game, but I did everything that could be done. Are you planning to finish development? If you don’t finish it, contact me and tell me the story, I’ll finish it for you. Sincere congratulations

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