Valiant Warrior Astrid – Version 0.5.2

This is second game from creator of “Valentina’s Story”.I wanted to make a fantasy game with a tomboyish protagonist who gets thrown into a quest, and discovers her sexuality along the way. Make no mistake though, this will be a hardcore corruption game.

Some basic tech specifications about the game:

– Custom H-Stat system with Lust, Submission, and Dominant stats that effect events and dialog.

– A Scene gallery containing all major scenes which can be accessed at any time.

– A custom, hybrid time of day system that runs in real time with checkpoint stops, where you need to do something to advance the clock further.

– Script controlled outfit and standing picture systems.

– A public exposure system where you can remove different parts of your clothing, but only if Astrid has enough lust for it. (Not in this update, will be in next).

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