Treasure of Nadia – Version 89064

Treasure of Nadia – Version 89064
Treasure of Nadia – Version 89064
Treasure of Nadia Game Trailer [Download URL]
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Release date: 15 June 2021
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: NLT Media
Language: English
File size: 5 GB [Win/Android]

Treasure of Nadia continues the story of Lust Epidemic. I recommend downloading and playing Lust Epidemic first, but it is optional.

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Rohan naskar says:

How can I tie the hook with the MRI cord to climb up

Akash says:

When will I get Android Version?

De67 says:

I am not getting 13th chest key. Plz help

Wanderbro says:

Filejoker contains wrong version, just for me? greetings

leobree10 says:

Fixed now.

Nadialover says:

With the lasted update i’m missing the rock at the libary to get the broken key’s. what should i do?

AAmir says:

how to get the orange light in the 46 update, unable to cross the bushes ?

FakeName83 says:

Is anybody else getting a mom vibe from Janet and sister vibe from Kaley? (I hope I remembered those names correctly… been about a month since I played.)

Sandy says:

Has anyone got a clue on how to get the snakes removed on the cave the single and the double add to that the thorns can’t remove them with pick axe or a lighter

FakeName83 says:

After several failed download attempts, the 51092 version finally downloaded. Except now I get an error message when I try to extract the files. What am I doing wrong?

brouloulou says:

The current version is not working (0.54101). The game tell that it has failed to load some files…
More, it’s a good idea to have only update files, but how can we now what is the good folder to download between the two ? I precise that i have downloaded the two, tested the two, and always the same problem.

Sandy says:

Did you do one first then copied it to the folder of Treasure of Nadia?

Sandy says:

Mine work properly just copy the contents of what is inside the folder of the zip to the same folder of treasure of Nadia and it will work.

babun says:

the same problem – Failed to load: img/characters/$SM-RecipeChest.png – for example

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